The Making or Breaking of Trump’s Presidency

The Making or Breaking of Trump’s Presidency

There’s one thing that most defines the Trump presidency. It’s not his philandering, his bombastic tone, or the fact that he was a successful businessman before being elected. Many fine presidents were both bombastic and successful in commerce prior to taking office.

What does define Trump is the rate at which he keeps his campaign promises. While it’s true that he has not been able to keep all of his promises, he has at least made moves in the direction of keeping all of his promises.

People who criticize him on that point have short memories, because there has never been a president- not in recent memory- who has even tried to keep his promises.

George Bush Sr. promised no new taxes. Bill Clinton Promised healthcare reform, but he couldn’t pull it off. George Bush Jr. promised accomplished missions and WMDs. Didn’t happen. O

bama won a Nobel peace prize for his stance on nuclear weapons- and went on to be at war for every single day of his presidency. Oh, and he dragged our economy through the swamp.

Trump’s legacy would easily outstrip any of these owing simply to the fact that he has made efforts to keep his promises. If he didn’t, it would just be business as usual. People would shrug and go about their business just like they always do after an election.

But no. Trump is a president who intends to keep his promises, and there’s one promise that his supporters are more concerned about than any other. Border security. Trump promised us not only a secure border, but he promised to make a huge, over the top gesture in the form of a monument called The Wall.

The idea of the wall is to affect border security, certainly. But it’s more than that. The wall is a symbol of sovereignty and integrity. We’ve gotten all hung up on the function of the wall and forgotten the message.

The message is, “We care for our families and our neighbors first. Come in legally, or don’t come at all. And if you try to come illegally- you will regret it.”

You can bank on the fact that that is the baseline position of every other nation on Earth. Yet, when we say it- we’re racist Nazis. It’s nonsense.

Whether or not Trump gets reelected, his legacy will rise to fame or sink into infamy based on his success at securing our border- and he’s got a hell of a lot standing between him and that goal.

In an article written for this week by Pat Buchanan, he writes, “From his words and actions, Trump clearly senses that this may be the existential issue of his presidency: Can he secure the border against what seems to be an unstoppable invasion from the global south?”

It’s a big question. If the Democrats had their way, they would arrest the President and drag him out of the White House on charges of human rights violations against illegals. And they would do it with the full knowledge that Obama did the same thing and that he did it more often and more harshly than Trump does.

Buchanan appeared to have been inspired to write his article after- as he puts it- hearing “Beto” O’Rourke slander the president saying, Trump ‘describes immigrants as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals”’ and as ‘” animals’ and ‘an infestation. Now,

I might expect someone to describe another human being as ‘an infestation’ in the Third Reich. I would not expect it in the United States of America.”’

According to Buchanan’s article, Bernie Sanders recently said this at a rally for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network: ‘” It gives me no pleasure to say this but today we have a president who is a racist, sexist, a homophobic, a xenophobe and a religious bigot.’”

It’s the same old slander. But we’re used to it by now. Buchanan makes reference to Hillary’s calling Trump and Trump supporters irredeemable, “deplorables.”

The problem is that Trump’s political opponents are marching in lockstep- all to the same tune, crying ‘He’s a bigot.’ The one exception is Tulsi Gabbard, who is being slandered and ignored by the MSM in equal portion.

But the question is, is there the political will to successfully secure our border? If the 2016 election is any indication, the answer is ‘yes.’

The people are on board. But just like in the 2016 election- we won’t know until the votes are in. In other words, we’re flying blind- and we cannot afford to shun the ballot boxes in 2020.


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