The Must Pass Defense Bill

The Must Pass Defense Bill

The dumb Democrats in Congress are the biggest joke to ever sit in the House. They are so drunk on trying to rid themselves of the best president to ever sit in the Oval Office that they have missed their chance to make a real difference for the sake of the United States. They have missed many opportunities to change the face of this country for better. And now they are going to pay for it big time.

The Republicans in the House have had their hands tied because they do not have the votes to shut down the lunacy of the Democrats. The Democrats have neglected to listen to the warnings that have been thrown their way for over year and now they are having to scramble to come up with a defense bill that will fund the military for the coming year. The bill is estimated to stand at or near $700 billion. But they have started too late to pass it before the new year is set to start.

This is the first time in over 60 years that the House would have failed to pass such a bill. And it will happen at the hands of the Democrats. This bill should have been done weeks ago. The debates and all the compromises should have been added already and the vote should have been taken.

The Democrats believe that they are above time. They think that they can drag their feet and get to it whenever they want to. But they are finding out that they do not have the time, and they are going to pay for it in the end.

There is a lot of speculation as to when the bill will come out. But they have run out of time. The rest of the process will still have to take place. And since it will be late, the Democrats will have the blame for failing yet again to do their job.

One person in the House has stated that “The rumors that negotiations are wrapped up aren’t true, but they are close, and we hope to finalize negotiations in the imminent future. That said, we still have a little ways to go to tie up loose ends.” What they do not understand is that the loose ends are usually what takes the most time to complete.

The Democrats have screwed everything up again. Their delay is nothing more than an attempt to make President Trump look bad as he will be the last one that has to deal with the bill. He has to sign it for it to become law.

But everyone knows that the Democrats are the cause because they are still fighting with what to do with its contents. If the Democrats would just swallow their stupidity and let the Republicans lead, then the bill would have been finished up weeks ago.

The bill is extremely important as it gives guidance to how much pay will increase, what military vessels will receive upgrades and even which aircraft will be bought and used in the coming years.

The Democrats have put the security of the country at risk, and they do not seem to care. They have never cared about the security of the nation. They only care about their policies and agendas. They oppose closed borders that keep out the criminals. They even oppose life as they seek to legalize abortion. They are a political party of corruption.

One major part of their reluctance to pass the bill is because the president wants some money to be used for the border wall. The stupid Democrats have opposed that idea because it would mean that he gets to deliver on his promise to secure the southern border. The Democrats just don’t want to admit that President Trump is right, and they are completely wrong about the border issues.

The bill makes the country stronger and better, but the Democrats hate that about the country. They want to see a weaker nation that has to answer to the rest of the world for its actions that must be taken to protect its people.


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