The President Can’t Bring Himself To Put America First…Long Live China!

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President Joe Biden is back to showing his true colors because of his reluctance to leave tariffs in place on communist China. The old man is wrestling with a decision to either lift or leave the tariffs in place.

Biden would love to lift the tariffs because he wants to support the Chinese and their rise to power on the global stage. His desire to remove the tariffs is stopped by the massive support that Republicans and now several Democrats give, leaving them in place. The president cannot risk alienating any Democrats because he still wants to pass several questionable bills.

The Washington Examiner reported that the tariffs are proving effective in forcing China to move products down the supply chain path. Without the tariffs in place, China would be able to strangle off providing consumables to America.

Tim Ryan is a Democrat serving the people in Ohio. His district is considered a battleground as Republicans are making headway and attracting voters that are tired of the way liberals are destroying America. He mentioned that it was the United States against China. And the tariffs are the only thing keeping the economic field fair between both nations.

The tariffs are also protecting jobs around America. Marcy Kaptur is another Democrat that supports Biden but is speaking out against the idea of lifting the tariffs.

The president’s desire to remove the tariffs has driven political opponents together in working to keep the old man from abandoning America altogether. Kaptur has found herself working with Republican Rob Portman to communicate to Biden that the tariffs are suitable for the country.

Biden’s excuse for wanting to remove the tariffs is because of the high prices Americans are forced to pay because of his other screwups. But the truth behind his desire is that the tariffs are a Trump-era plan that keeps him from being able to take credit for prosperity.

The Washington Examiner wrote that “Trump imposed tariffs on some $370 billion worth of Chinese goods under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, with the first wave in July 2018 intended to pressure China to halt what officials described as the use of unfair trade practices and theft of U.S. intellectual property.”

The Chinese are putting pressure on Biden to lift the tariffs. But the midterm elections force him to reevaluate his desire to kill the tariffs. The president is already suffering from a massive loss in popularity. And abandoning America again will reinforce the need for a Republican president.

The midterm elections keep the president from moving forward with his plan to socialize the country. He wants to force people into adopting a socialist form of government so he can become a dictator. The position of a dictator would allow him to force people to accept his will and plans for the country.

The president has already taken action to limit the effectiveness of the tariffs. He has allowed specific exclusions to the tariffs, which allows the Chinese to get away with committing fraud and hurting the United States.

The tariffs are a point of discussion for battleground candidates. People want to know how they plan to support the effort to keep the Chinese from overrunning the west. Those who favor removing the tariffs will find it challenging to find voter support.

The Washington Examiner also reported, “The Biden administration has allowed tariffs to continue on hundreds of billions of dollars of imported Chinese goods as it continues to review the duties. The U.S. trade representative said it received requests to maintain them.”

Joe Biden is a significant supporter of communist China, whether he admits it openly or not. The red giant has control of the president because of the loans he took out using Chinese-owned banks. Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place with his desire to please his eastern masters and maintain a favorable front with voters back home. He cannot make his choice until after the midterm elections have come to pass.