The Real Face of the Left: NY Hospital Exec Wants Trump Supporters Infected

The Real Face of the Left: NY Hospital Exec Wants Trump Supporters Infected

A top executive from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has been let go and the reason is appalling. They took to the Facebook comment section and offered up an awful suggestion to Trump supporters. They were asked to infect each other with the coronavirus.

These sorts of suggestions are par for the course when it comes to the left. They are allowed to behave in a monstrous manner because they believe that they are in the right. Laura Krolczyk is the executive who was fired. She was serving as the vice president of external affairs.

Michael Caputo is a former Trump campaign official and a GOP operative. He called attention to the conversation that took place between Laura and Lisa LaTrovato. Caputo posted the exchange on his Twitter account and asked his followers to contact the cancer center. They were reported immediately.

Hospital execs should not be allowed to display their anti Trump sentiments in public like this. The whole kerfuffle began when Krolczyk offered up a link to an article from The Hill. The article claimed that President Trump was showing reluctance when it came to paying $1 billion to Ventec and General Motors for the manufacturing of ventilators.

The story was posted with a facetious “Vote Trump” caption. LaTrovato claimed that Trump would be willing to spend more on a space force and the wall. Krolcyzk went on to say that the Trump supporters should all barricade themselves inside of a church until the coronavirus pandemic has had a chance to pass.

One Facebook user was stunned by the exchange and responded to the two of them. They wanted to know how anyone could encourage the death of Trump supporters because of their political beliefs. The response from Krolcyzk was telling. She claims that Trump is the one who is sentencing his supporters to death.

She told them not to cash their stimulus check and to refuse the usage of a ventilator. They were told to take some ibuprofen and carry on with their lives. While she was placed on administrative leave at first, the exchange was reviewed and she was let go soon after. We are glad to see that justice was served eventually.

No one wants to live in a country where hospital administrators are allowed to talk like this. As for LaTrovato? Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute also reviewed her role in the exchange and she was placed on leave. These institutions knew that they needed to act once the exchange had been made public but we have follow up questions.

Would they have acted so quickly if this exchange had not been posted on Twitter? Are they actually monitoring the social media usage of all employees or just those who are receiving attention from concerned citizens? If it took a Republican operative to bring this to everyone’s attention, we shudder to think of what is being said otherwise.

Each of these women has been employed by Democratic officials. Krolcyzk has worked with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Hillary Clinton. LaTrovato was employed by Louise Slaughter before ascending to her current position. In our humble opinion, she should have been fired as well.

There is no reason to be talking like this and we would support a zero tolerance policy. If people are going to be fired for speaking their minds when they support Trump, those who are on the other side of the aisle should be experiencing the same fate. It is only fair, right?

The left is not interested in fairness, though. They simply want to be able to shoot their mouths off and experience no repercussions. Meanwhile, the right needs to be walking on eggshells and minding their P’s and Q’s. We are not sure how people are able to live with themselves when they walk around with this sort of hate in their hearts.

It cannot be healthy, that is for sure. This pitiful behavior deserves to be punished and we hope that these women experience the necessary scorn for their remarks. If you are willing to speak like this in a public forum, you should be willing to accept everything that comes with this decision.

No one deserves to die over their political affiliation and this rhetoric does not help anyone. Americans need to be putting their political differences to the side and coming together. Instead, the left is looking to stir the pot and make things even worse. Krolcyzk is going to have all of the time in the world to think about this while she is in the process of finding herself a brand new job.


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