The “Wild, Wild West” Comes Back to Wisconsin as State Supreme Court Overrules Governor

The “Wild, Wild West” Comes Back to Wisconsin as State Supreme Court Overrules Governor

Isn’t strange how it is only Democratic Governors who want to keep their states closed? It’s not so odd for them because the longer they keep their states closed, the more federal funding they can receive. Not only that, but they also are working together within their party to crash their state in efforts to make President Trump look bad. This is not going to work because Trump showed the people he is no dictator and left the power within the state’s hands.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers received a slap-down from the Wisconsin State Supreme Court overruling his order to keep the state shut down. This was a significant victory for the people of Wisconsin, as they all enjoyed their freedom. Governor Evers stated Wednesday night it was like the “Wild West.”

People are tired of being told they cannot leave their homes and do what we normally do on our regular schedules. People are tired of the governors holding us back from our businesses, jobs, recreations, and we are not taking it anymore. Wisconsin’s State Supreme Court has spoken and showed the governor who is the boss.

The Constitution of the United States of America was set in place for a reason over 200 years ago, and there is nothing anyone in government can do to take away our rights. It is not stopping the Democrats from trying, and that could have been scary if President Trump wasn’t elected.

Governor Evers made himself a fool when he went to Fake News MSNBC and bashed the judges for their overruling his order. He claimed they caused “chaos” in his state. The court ruled his extension “unlawful, invalid, and unenforceable.” Way to go, Judges!!!!

The governor told MSNBC, “There was nothing compelling anyone to do anything in Wisconsin as the novel coronavirus continued to spread across the U.S. It was four members of the court who made a decision that wasn’t based on statute, precedents, or the facts, unfortunately.”

He continued, “In one fell swoop, four judges who didn’t really care about what the statutes talk about have thrown our state into chaos. That is such a sad thing for the state of Wisconsin. The people of Wisconsin have worked so hard to have this chaotic situation at this point in time.”

Just when a person thinks they heard enough line of bull, the governor of Wisconsin kept talking. It was almost as if he was trying to push a narrative that didn’t exist. Everyone knows the numbers are fake. Yes, the virus is real, but Democrats like Governor Evers keep their thumbs over people with fear tactics.

It was then Governor Evers described the state of Wisconsin as “the Wild West.” Well, now the people can speak of the narrative along the lines of the story of “How the West Was Won!”

The governor continued to argue back with baseless and pitiful excuses as though he was looking for sympathy. He stated, “At this point in time, there’s no orders. There’s nothing compelling anyone to do anything other than having chaos here. People are not idiots in Wisconsin and would do everything they can to ensure their safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

He continued again, “But when you have no requirements anymore, that’s a problem. We’re just leaving it open. We’re going to have more cases, we’re going to have more deaths. It’s a sad occasion for the state, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.” Poor, poor, pitiful Governor Evers. Poor, crazy Democrats who don’t get their ways.

If it is so bad, why are states like Florida, Georgia, and others have opened up with caution, and their cases have noticeably dropped? This leaves his statement and every other Democratic statement invalid, and it only proves they are out for controlling the people and collecting federal fundings.

Republican lawmakers got the ball rolling when the governor issued the stay-at-home order be extended to the end of May. They filed suit against Andrea Palm, who is the Wisconsin Health Secretary, and other officials were included in the lawsuit.

Chief Justice Patience Roggensack announced in his ruling, “If a forest fire breaks out, there is no time for debate. Action is needed. The governor could declare an emergency and respond accordingly. But in the case of a pandemic, which lasts month after month, the governor cannot rely on emergency powers indefinitely.” It is time to open up the country!


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