Tom Cotton Warned About Pandemic but No One Was Listening Because of Impeachment

Tom Cotton Warned About Pandemic but No One Was Listening Because of Impeachment

A national crisis is nothing to joke about. People who live to invent them are playing with fire because they do not know when a real one is going to come up. This is one of the most crucial lessons that we have learned from the failed impeachment of President Trump. It may seem like eons ago at this point but the trial just wrapped up last month.

The impeachment trial is small potatoes when compared with the national crisis that we are currently facing. We cannot begin to fathom what would have happened if the trial had been allowed to continue. It may have intersected with the coronavirus pandemic and caused all sorts of issues.

Tom Cotton was even interrupting the trial to warn Senate members about the virus when it was still considered China’s problem. The Senate should have been focused on the threat of the virus, as opposed to a sham impeachment hearing that was designed to soothe the left side of the aisle.

These warnings fell on deaf ears and it is too late to go back in time now. The impeachment trial kept the United States from placing its full focus on the things that they are truly important. No one seemed to be taking the threat seriously and Cotton’s warnings did not gain the traction that they should have at the time.

The coronavirus pandemic is warping everyone’s perception of time, causing people to forget that the impeachment trial actually overlapped with the early warning signs. We wonder what the United States government would have been able to do if they were able to focus their full attention on the true threat that was facing us all.

Maybe the left will learn some sort of lesson from all of this? It’s time to stop inventing national crises and time to start getting real. No one realized that at the time and this is the mess we are in. The nation cannot keep spending its time on manufactured issues that are designed to make the leftists out there happy.

In the future, it would be nice if we could all come together and make the right choices. The impeachment trial was clearly ill fated from the very beginning and even the most ardent leftists could see the writing on the wall. Did they really believe that they would get to watch President Trump being marched out of the White House?

If it sounds like something out of a bad movie, that’s because it is. The left has been watching too many procedural show and that’s why they are so attached to the idea of “good guys” and “bad guys”. In reality, there is far more nuance and it is not so easy to make these distinctions. You cannot place people in neat, little piles because it is simple.

Life is never that cut and dry. While the Republican party is being portrayed a certain way in the leftist media right now, they are not telling the world about Tom Cotton and the warnings that he provided. They do not want people to know that they were too consumed with impeachment to do the right thing.

The Democrats live in a world of revisionist history. According to them, they were the only ones who realized how serious the virus was going to be and they want all of the credit. There is no credit to be had here, though. The United States has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and there is plenty of blame to go around.

The people who were trying to spread the world have not come back to take a victory lap because this would be ghoulish behavior. All we can do now is take a look at the mistakes that were made in the past, so that we can make the right choices going forward. The impeachment trail was treated as a national emergency when it was merely a storm in a tea cup.

There’s no reason to invent a crisis when one is right around the corner. It is fair for the American people to wonder what could have happened if their elected officials had been able to give the coronavirus pandemic their full attention.

In a world where there are no shortage of threats that need to be addressed, the left needs to realize that we only have so much bandwidth. In the future, it would behoove them to stop making up issues when they could be paying attention to the true dangers that are actually looming on the horizon.


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