Top Dems Called out by Former Party Member as Being Antisemitic

Top Democrats are facing an accusation of racism, but not the most popular recent kind. Democrats in the United States Senate and state leadership positions have very precarious elected positions, and despite whatever fast flip the left might be trying with their voting software, bad PR is bad PR, and every politician knows it.

While stealing elections might be the fondest wish of many who want to come to power for their own personal gain instead of looking out for their constituents, even if someone could illegally tip the scales to a degree, each time it’s done, those perpetrating the crime run the risk of voters getting wise to their antics if the swirling of public opinion is completely opposed to what the election results say.

Anyone who wishes to sway an election has a window of time where the American people still have pull until their freedoms are snatched, and in the case of Democrats today, many conservatives believe we’re in that window. The rights are being taken away, the elections are being tainted, but the turnover is happening, and we can still do something about it.

That’s why image is more important than ever, and words like that of former Democrat state Assemblyman Dov Hikind who called out prominent politicians from his own party as being anti-Semitic for their attacks on his state, are particularly damaging.

According to The Bongino Report, Hikind wasn’t afraid to name names when calling out fellow Democrats:

“Jews are being viciously attacked in NYC. Where is [de Blasio]? Where is [Cuomo]? Where is [Schumer]? Where is [Nadler]? …Terror directed against the Jewish people of New York and all over the country. But in New York, Jews are being beaten up in Brooklyn, in Manhattan. Jewish blood is running on the streets of New York; people being intimidated; people being assaulted; people ending up in the hospital by those who are filled with venom and hate.”

According to the former assemblyman, these Democrats are partaking when they don’t condemn the attacks on members of their communities and the constituents they’re tasked to protect. When they do bother to weigh in, they do it in such a way that they don’t offend the Muslims who are beating Jews in the streets so as not to be accused of Islamaphobia.

“…Why are prominent Democrats responding by condemning antisemitism and Islamophobia?” the Bongino report questioned. “This isn’t a gang war, it’s one side attacking the other. This is obviously an issue that Hikind cares a great deal about because he’s continued to go after some of the most prominent Democrats in his state, including AOC, over their poor performance.”

There have been a plethora of racist attacks on Jews in New York in recent weeks, sparked primordially by the escalation in violence between Israel and the Hamas terror group. This pushed the conflict back into the headlines and caused many, across the world, to take sides: Israel v. Palestine.

The problem with politicians in the United State siding with Palestinians (which many have prominently done) is that we have a long and valued allyship with Israel. Democrats are standing up and proudly spitting on one of our most valued allies, and because it involves the Jewish people, somehow, a lot of people seem to be OK with it.

What is the psychology behind ditching an ally? Why have Americans forgotten what it means to cross the same people that Hitler targeted in the 30s and 40s? Is there more to it than just a disagreement about some land in the Middle East? That is a question for voters to ask themselves when they’re standing in front of their ballots. However, for today, the question is, why would a politician possibly *not* condemn any random citizen attacking any other random citizen in an unprovoked attack, and do we want politics to dictate who should be allowed to put a beat down on whom in the streets?


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