Trump Deploys Hospital Ships to Ease Non-Virus Related Hospital Load

Trump Deploys Hospital Ships to Ease Non-Virus Related Hospital Load

When hospitals are unable to help everyone, extreme measures must be taken. Now that hospitals are well over capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump has been forced to take action. A hospital ship has already been sent to New York City to assist the facilities that are experiencing a massive wave of patients.

Hospitals are already nearing maximum capacity because of normal illnesses. The coronavirus pandemic patients will need all of the help that can possibly be provided. Paramedics have already been advised about the importance of clearing their emergency rooms of non-life-threatening illnesses.

Cases are going to continue to build up around the country and cause hospitals to make all sorts of difficult decisions. That’s what makes these hospital ships so important. They provide a valuable opportunity for hospitals to move patients to a safe location so that they can free up space for those who are stricken with the coronavirus.

This will allow the United States to avoid the types of issues that have occurred in Italy. Italian doctors have been forced to make all kinds of challenging choices about which patients get to live and which patients do not. According to a report from Matt Steib, there are certain guidelines that may be followed in each state.

Michigan hospitals could decide to offer priority service to those who are deemed to be performing essential societal functions. Firefighters, doctors, military personnel and police would zoom to the front of the list in these instances. Minnesota guidelines are designed to make sure that doctors know when to place their patients on ventilators.

In these types of scenarios, palliative care is all that can be provided. The care that is offered will depend on the available resources and the patient’s specific condition. The ventilator guidelines in New York do not account for the profession of the patient. Hospitals are being asked to list conditions based on the chances of immediate mortality.

While there is a certain perception that those who are going to need the most care will be elderly, nothing could be further from the truth. The Centers for Disease Control have issued a new report about the need for intensive medical treatment. The numbers show that the average patient age does not skew particularly old. This is a sobering reminder for all of the young people out there.

The data is currently spotty, so there are certain determinations that still have yet to be made. Readers must also bear in mind the sheer number of patients who are currently asymptomatic. A wide range of people who experience the COVID-19 virus will never be diagnosed at all and serve as vectors who continue to spread the disease.

Younger adults may believe that they are free and clear because they are not likely to die from coronavirus. They must stop to think about all of the others that they are potentially infecting with careless behavior. Even if young people are feeling fine, staying home is in the best interests of all American citizens until the spread has been mitigated.

Many young adults are also going to require ICU care or even periods of extended hospitalization. It may be hard to avoid all of the parties during spring break but please do so. This is the easiest way to become a hero. Who knew that you could save lives by being willing to sit at home and cuddle up on the couch with one of your favorite streaming services?

It’s time to make lemonade out of the lemons that are being provided. Use this opportunity to read some books or tackle that show that you have always wanted to watch. By taking the steps that are needed to slow the spread of the virus, we can all reduce the strain that is being placed on the hospitals that are forced to find room for a new multitude of patients.

This will also buy the United States more time to build new capacity and work on the development of new treatments. Time is always of the essence in any sort of crisis situation and the spread of coronavirus is certainly no different. Fortunately, we have a president who grasps the severity of the current outbreak and is taking all of the necessary steps.

We are in unprecedented territory as a nation right now. The average citizen has simply never been forced to endure such a crisis before. That’s why we must all do everything in our power to make sure that we are slowing the spread of the virus. Our collective reaction to this traumatic event means everything.


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