Trump Doing What He Must to Stop Loony Liberals

Trump Doing What He Must to Stop Loony Liberals

President Trump knows that there is a lot at stake leading up to the 2020 election. He knows that if he loses the elections that the United States will fall into the hands of the devious Democrats, and he cannot let that happen. The Democratic Party will single-handedly destroy the growth and prosperity that has taken place over the past three years.

President Trump’s mission is to win in 2020 and then really solidify the work that he has done. Part of this work is winning the trade war with China.

The President is not without mercy, and he seeks only the good in any situation. Over the weekend, President Trump spoke with the President of China and graciously agreed not to increase the tariffs that are already on good from China. He stated, “ We’re holding on tariffs, and they’re going to buy farm product.”

This is a victory for President Trump as he has tried to get China to engage more with fair trade. The loony liberals will never admit that the tariff plans that the president has for difficult nations are actually working.

Everyone will benefit from this wonderful victory. Farmers will see an increase in their sales and the Chinese will have fewer tariffs to worry about. The current level of tariffs is set to remain in place until China takes more action to be fair in its dealings with trade partners. There are a few people that are claiming that President Trump has lost this battle, but President Trump is the one holding all the cards and what he has done for China has been done by grace.

President Trump stated, “We send and we sell to Huawei a tremendous amount of product that goes into the various things they make. These are American companies that make a product. It’s very complex. Highly scientific. And in some cases, we’re the ones that do it and the only ones that do it.”

Really what the President has done was get China to pay more for the products that we sell to them. He has also made the benefits of such sales lucrative to the American people as they are the recipients of the technology being provided.

The president is not just an awesome president he is also an accomplished businessman. He has built an empire by working hard. He understands money and how it is to be made. The deals that he is brokering with China and other nations will no doubt be a major win for the American people.

Trump has also had another win for the administration as he deals with China to allow Chinese students to remain in the United States to work once their education is finished.

This is huge as many times the students go back home and the American people lose an asset in a person that may have great ideas that the nation can benefit from. The president wants to keep them in the country so the United States will benefit from them before they return home.

In an economy that is already outpacing the rest of the world, the decision to put new tariffs on hold will only strengthen a strong market. China may be a giant look to play hardball, but they underestimated the knowledge and experience that President Trump has. He will wait them out and when China is ready to really deal with the United States, then Trump will be waiting.

The trade war is already harming China is a major financial way. The nation is expected to lose a full growth point on its economic growth report. It is just a matter of time before China is brought to its knees and is forced to play fair with all its trade partners.

The Chinese leaders need to know that they cannot push other nations around and get away with it. President Trump has seen right through them and put the appropriate tariffs in place to get their attention. The foolish Democrats would be stupid to say this isn’t a win for the president. He is getting them to negotiate and act in favor of the United States.


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