Trump Goes to Bat for Farmers in Recent China Discussions

Trump Goes to Bat for Farmers in Recent China Discussions

The strain between China and the U.S. is real but that isn’t keeping the President from getting things done. President Trump displayed his get-it-done mindset recently as he challenged his own administration regarding recent negotiations. Despite the hardball tactics he has employed in dealing with China, business between the U.S. and the Chinese government continues to move forward.

It was a delay in those business dealings, as one story reports, that caused President Trump to ask “why”. While the President has the American economy humming, he hasn’t forgotten the need and importance of the nation’s farmers. Most recently the U.S. and China have agreed to “…about 10 boatloads of U.S. soybeans – around 600,000 tonnes – to be shipped from Pacific Northwest ports from October through December” the story said.

The President was quoted saying that China “committed to buy a lot of agriculture” and in his typical get-it-done style suggested that the U.S. begin shipping product without delay. Then came the delay and to the chagrin of the President, it wasn’t a delay from the Chinese government but from his own administration. That prompted the President to turn his attention toward his “top trade negotiators” as the story put it.

During these discussions, Trump simply asked his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “Why was that our request, just out of curiosity?” That question was prompted by his administration’s request to delay a scheduled trip by Chinese officials to select farming regions in Montana and Nebraska. Apparently, as our story went on to report Mnuchin informed the President that the delay was to avoid confusion over the trade talks.

The President with his sole focus on finding solutions simply said in response, “yeah, but I want them to buy farm products.” This is just another example of President Trump not accepting the business-as-usual attitude of the U.S. government and imposing his will. It is also evidence of the President’s determination to fight for farmers and the economy.

Mnuchin, as our story went on to report, explained that “we just decided the timing of the trip wasn’t necessarily the perfect timing, so they’ll be rescheduling that too after our trade meetings.” Obviously that “we” didn’t include the President, who made his displeasure clear. That is also a likely reason why these talks have been scheduled for early October because Trump has made it evident that he wants to do business with China, now. Even in the midst of the strained talks between the U.S. and China, the President is refusing to allow the game of politics to hurt America’s farmers or our economy.

This time around, it would be unlikely to expect any more “delays” even with the tensions between the two countries. The good news here is that the President, even with this recent postponement, has made headway. Our story went on to say that ‘…both the U.S. and Chinese sides said the talks were productive, and that minister-level talks would take place in early October.”

Although it is obvious that the President wanted it done much sooner, it is also clear that he expects more and better from his team and administration. U.S. trade stocks dropped as a result of this latest delay and it is precisely those types of hits that slow an economy. This is also not the direction President Trump has been leading the country in as evidenced by the Nation’s economic strength.

In the eyes of the President, China is a valuable buyer and the U.S. farmer and the economy both benefit from this business. Like he has fought to ensure that gun owners have a voice, the President is making it crystal clear that he is also supporting one of the greatest backbones in America, our farmers. Speaking of America and farmers, how many farmers are there today in this world of mass-production conglomerated farming. Certainly, there are more votes and voters to be won in the technical, manufacturing and production industries.

President Trump is fighting for farmers, fighting to make the economy stronger and fighting to make America great again. It may not be the most strategical move to win votes but it is the most Presidential move for the voters that elected him.


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