Trump is Hitting Biden Hard!

Trump is Hitting Biden Hard!

President Trump is now viewing Joe Biden as a threat in the 2020 Presidential Election and is ramping up his attacks and strategy as Biden goes after Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is one of the states with the most electoral votes, and Biden has sunk his feet in the soil for one of his first stops on his primary campaign.

President Trump realizes he has an advantage over Biden when it comes to Joe Biden’s name alone being tied with Obama as the Vice President when the economy failed to grow and hurt all citizens by the massive loss in jobs.

A former White House official who requested to remain anonymous touched base on the president’s line of thinking concerning the primaries.

The president would like to weaken the chances of Biden winning the primaries and becoming the Democratic Nominee for the upcoming presidential race.

Trump’s strategy is to attack with criticism at the campaign launch. As the official put it, it would be “kneecapping him right out of the gates.”

The official added, “As of today, he’s the strongest Democrat nominee and what the president did by tweeting about Biden today is trying to control and set the narrative ahead of Biden’s launch.”

Democrats feel that Biden would be one of the toughest challenges for Trump in the upcoming election.

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia stated, “Clearly, Vice President Biden bugs the president. I think he’s very worried about Pennsylvania and he’s probably thinking about Biden’s strength there.”

President Trump took to Twitter and tweeted four times in twenty minutes before Biden took the platform in Pittsburgh. Even though Trump put a bug in everyone’s ear, Biden did get endorsed by the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Trump put out massive criticism since the announcement from Biden he will be running for president.

It cast a shadow of doubt on whether or not Biden could win the state of Pennsylvania when President Trump said, “Pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history, and Sleepy Joe and Obama didn’t do the job, and now you have Trump, who is getting it done – big time!”

In the 2016 election, Pennsylvania was the battleground where the state was originally for former President Obama, but the Democrats lost jobs, and they went for Trump which earned him the victory.

President Trump has put the economy at its highest since the Obama administration, and many support the president in that state.

This is where Joe Biden kicked off his campaign with his promises of how he would put the middle class as his priority and saying to the crowd, “If I’m going to beat Donald Trump in 2020, it’s going to happen here.”

Those who are close to President Trump feel the only way to get rid of the threat of Biden is to let him falter and lose the Democratic primary.

Who knows?

He may even drop out like he always has since he has been trying to win the primaries since the 1980s.

The only thing shocking is he is at the top of the polls as of today for the top choice of the primary.

Many are still skeptical. The former White House official stated, “There’s been a lot of focus on the potential positives of a Joe Biden campaign, but there hasn’t been much focus at all on some of his weaknesses.”

One of the biggest downfalls for Biden will be the accusations of being touched inappropriately by women and for the way he handles children, constantly touching them.

Another huge downfall will also be the fact he worked so closely with Obama as his Vice President. The legacy Obama has left this nation and world is not a good one.

The Trump campaign was asked the question if they felt Biden was a threat, the campaign official said in reply, “It doesn’t matter who comes out of the Democrat convention next year, because any candidate would be saddled with all of the socialist policies they will have adopted in order to win the nomination.”

Trump feels he can beat Biden in a head to head race, but some Trump supporters are not sure.
Trump’s informal advisor, Republican, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated, “I think Biden’s the most difficult guy for him to run against. If Biden can make his way through the primary and stay on the rails … he’s the toughest one.”


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