Trump Interviewing for an Important Position

Trump Interviewing for an Important Position

There is a position open that many people see as the one that no person really wants to fill.

The position will allow one person to become the point person that deals with legislative affairs. The Legislative Affairs Director that held the position was Shahira Knight.

Since her departure, Trump has asked his advisers about who they feel would be a good replacement to fill the position with. Since her departure the President has not been very active to fill the position.

In the coming days, President Trump is said to interview three of four people that are seeking the position. The relationship between the President and the member of Congress has not been good so the next person to fill this person could be walking into a firestorm.

The interviews are said to have started since the President returned from Japan.

The President and the people seeking the position are not familiar with each other. They are recommended by people that are working with the President but that does not mean he knows the candidates.

It is thought by White House staff that he will most likely pick the person that he relates well with. The candidate that he picks will have to be well qualified in order to deal with the members of Congress.

The candidates that have been suggested to President Trump include Eric Ueland, who is the deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. He has also worked as a Senate aide.

There is also Jonathon Slemrod, who is a former Office of Management and Budget person, Monica Popp, who is the former chief of staff to Texas Senator John Cornyn, and Ben Howard, who is the current deputy legislative affairs director. He has also worked in the White House a staff person.

Tim Pataki has also been recommended, he is the current head of the White House Office of Public Liaison.

So far none of the candidates have opted to comment or volunteer to talk about their interest in the position.

The person that is hired will be tasked with the job to keep the relationships with Congress and the President strong despite the tension between both groups.

The President has stated earlier that he refuses to work with Congress until they decide to move past the investigations. The investigations have alienated the members of Congress from the nation and have kept them from getting anything done for the people of America.

There are people claiming that the job is not an easy one as the President refuses to even speak to Democratic leaders.

The President is a person that likes to speak with lawmakers one on one and that means his aides are not informed most of the time to current policy changes or details of decisions until much later.

The person that takes the position will be required to deliver new to Congress that they may not exactly agree with.

Each candidate has his or her own strengths that would be unique to the job.

They will have to have a backbone that is strong as they will be required to shoulder the comments and distrust that members of Congress like to throw at the President. They will need to be able to accurately articulate policy and news that is vital to Congress being able to do their job.

Many members of Congress already refuse to work with the President and have been highly critical of his actions and decisions.

The people that the President has to choose from is narrowing quickly. There really are not a lot of people that can the job that this position will require.

The hired person will still need to try to make progress toward many of the policies and decision that the President is trying to get Congress to approve.

It is possible that the President is going to choose a person that can shoulder and aid him in his fight with Democratic leaders.

The President needs more people that are able to aid him in an effective way in order to continue to make this country great again.


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