Trump Is a Counterpuncher – Does His Strategy Work on the World Stage

Trump Is a Counterpuncher – Does His Strategy Work on the World Stage

President Donald Trump has found himself under fire lately, as he works to deescalate the tensions that are occurring in the Middle East. Many observers believe that we are on the verge of the third World War. The United States and Iran are at odds. The world is on the verge of spiraling into a massive conflict.

At times like these, the nation needs a great leader. Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani was killed by United States forces and this could have escalated a situation that was already quite tense. The moves that Trump is making are allowing the United States to cover the exits as armed forces draw down in the region.

From there, the nation’s armed forces will be able to take on more defensible positions in other areas, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. These moves from Trump have been a long time coming. He has been positioning himself since last fall. United States forces in Syria have been removed and they are now being positioned in Iraq.

Since the Iraqi governments has a number of affiliations with terrorist organizations and is currently being ruled by pro-Iranian Shiites, this makes the United States position a bit less than tenable. Iraq’s parliament is also against the United States military presence. They have voted in favor of kicking them out of the country entirely.

This allows Trump to position himself as a counter puncher. He knew that he would need to act quickly once a contractor from the United States had been murdered in Iraq. Iranian targets would need to feel the nation’s wrath. After all, Trump could not allow himself to be made to look foolish. Iranian targets were struck in Syria as well. An Iran backed “protest” led to a retaliatory attack on a United States embassy.

The Trump administration reacted in a forcible manner and this was essentially the only option available by this point in time. United States Marines were sent to secure the embassy. 4,000 United States troops were also sent to Kuwait. This would allow the country to remain safe if the situation were to become worse.

If President Trump had not been willing to eliminate Soleimani, more attacks would have been orchestrated. He was replaced as soon as the attack took place but his loss is a massive setback to the nation of Iran. They are going to be feeling it for years to come. His leadership was instrumental to the mullahs of the region, who sought his advice as they strove to make the Middle East into their own personal sphere of interest.

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamato was assassinated by the United States in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack back in 1943. It is not hard to draw a similar comparison to what has taken place with Soleimani. In order to keep Japan from being able to properly plan a counter attack, they needed to deprive them of the leadership that Yamamato had to offer.

Iran needs to be deprived in the same way. Otherwise, Soleimani would have continued to cause serious issues for the United States and other countries in the region. Now that Iranian influence has continued to grow within the region, the United States needed to make a major move. Otherwise, the country would have struggled to maintain the dominant position that they once enjoyed.

Meanwhile, Iran is plotting revenge for the killing. In fact, Trump is currently the target of an $80 million bounty. Iran’s Jamkaran Mosque raised a red flag to indicate their position. A cyber attack has already taken place, as Iran takes direct aim at the United States government. The Federal Depository Library Program is the first government website to be affected by the attacks.

The United States has yet to be damaged by any of these moves but that does not make them any less disconcerting. Iranian leadership is bound to be more cautious when they are in the process of dealing with American officials with a higher profile. However, there are still concerns about the possibility of a terror attack at any possible moment.

For now, Trump is simply protecting the United States against the prospect of such attacks. He is not someone who is looking for war, he is someone who defends himself (and his country) when they are being attacked. The idea that he wanted war is a silly one that is only being perpetrated by those who are not in tune with what is really going on. In the meantime, he will continue to put our nation first….as he always has and always will.



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