Trump Keeps the Government from Shutting Down

Trump Keeps the Government from Shutting Down

The signing of a budget extension bill is a big win for President Trump. The government was set to shut down and revert to decades-old budget restrictions if something were not done soon. The dumb Democrats had dragged their feet to get anything together but finally got the heads straight long enough to give the president what he had been yelling at them for over a year. The twisted Democrats just do not want to give the president any fuel to accomplish anything until after 2020 has come and gone. They know that he is going to win, and they do not like it.

The budget extension bill is a major accomplishment for the president because he becomes the hero that will keep the government from shutting down. The House Democrats have refused for years to provide one cent for the president to operate the country. But now they were forced by the president to step up or be the reason for another shutdown. The Democrats are on damage control as they have marred their name with endless failures the past two years.

The Senate approved the bill with a vote of 74-20 that would send the bill to the president to sign into law. The sad part is that the dumb Democrats should have had a full budget plan ready and sent to the Senate. But they were too stupid and wanted to play games with impeachment. To them, this is nothing more than a game. But some lives are affected when the government shuts down. The Democrats have failed America. Nothing has been done to improve the way the country operates. All they care about is returning to the White House at all costs.

The members of Congress now have the small job of dividing the funds between the various branches of the government. The bill was only a temporary fix as it extends the current budget to the year-end. But they are still focused on trying to tear down President Trump. It has never occurred to any of them that if they want the support of the people, they need to get to work and stop fighting the Republicans at every turn. The dumb and childish Democrats are living in a fantasy world full of themselves. They cannot bring themselves to even work with someone of a different view. They have taught themselves that hatred is the way to get things done. But it is not.

The worthless Democrats have never once worked with the president on anything. As the southern border issues flared up the president wanted to see the problem released once and for all with adequate funding. But the Democrats would not support him in simply solving the crowding issues and lack of care problems. Instead, they made a political event out of it and have never returned to the border since that day. The president had to issue executive orders to simply keep the country safe from the would-be killers and criminals trying to infiltrate the nation.

The Democrats have to get over themselves and realize that their time is up. More voters are running to the president voter base because the Democrats have turned their backs on them. They have lied and cheated their way into the spotlight. Now they are engaged in a childish courtroom drama that is going nowhere. It has stalled because all the arguments are fake and have no truth behind them.

The Democrats just cannot bring themselves to work with President Trump because he is the chosen favorite of the people. He won the majority vote and the electoral college. That was a major ego buster for them. They never have gotten over that loss. It put them into a fit of rage that has gone on for three years with no end in sight. Every time they have accused of him of wrongdoing has brought out their criminal behavior. The president has one yet again with the signing of the budget extension bill this week.


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