Trump Lashes out at Sessions Over His Failed Senate Bid

Trump Lashes out at Sessions Over His Failed Senate Bid

Tommy Tuberville is best known to many as the former football coach at the University of Auburn. Now, he is making his transition into the world of politics. Tuberville is running for the US Senate and received the majority of the votes in the Alabama primary. This will give him the chance to face off against none other than Jeff Sessions.

This turncoat used to be a senator himself. He is the one who is responsible for the Mueller investigation and has become persona non grata to many. The Democratic candidate, Bradley Byrne, finished in third place. He was unable to qualify for the runoff between Sessions and Tuberville. Judge Roy Moore was also soundly defeated.

Tuberville won the most votes, even though the polls claimed that he was trailing initially. According to the final Club for Growth poll that was taken before the election, Tuberville still had some catching up to do. These results go to show that you cannot always place all of your trust in the polls.

They can be deceiving from time to time. The GRIT PAC stands in support of Tuberville. They released an add that was designed to reduce the level of enthusiasm that surrounded Mitt. “Don’t let Mitt Happen to Alabama” is a very important message and we are happy that someone is taking the time to let the world know.

The voters deserve to be fully educated about the choices that they are making. Democrat Doug Jones is currently representing the state. Doesn’t Alabama deserve better than a leader who is anti Trump and looks to push his pro abortion agenda at all times? Luckily, Trump has been willing to speak out about what is going on.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has continued to draw his ire ever since he showed his true colors. Sessions did not have the courage to act in the best interests of America when he had the chance to. It is easy to see why Trump would want to save the good people of Alabama from a similar fate. They deserve better than a man who will go back on everything that he says as soon as he gets what he wants.

He did not want to put an end to the Russian witch hunt. He decided to put his own interests before the interests of the country. Once he recused himself from the proceedings, the Mueller probe began. It is not hard to connect the dots and we hope that the people of Alabama do not have to endure the tomfoolery that he is clearly willing to engage in.

Trump is not the type of president to forget the sort of backstabbing that Sessions engaged in. In that sense, it is surprising that he would already throw his hat in the ring. Trump won’t let the rest of the nation forget what took place either. He placed his trust in Sessions and nearly paid a terrible price for the decision.

This is something that the Alabama voters need to stop and consider before voting in this runoff. They should not allow themselves to endure the nonsense that will come with a Sessions election. Tuberville is clearly the better candidate for the job and it should not even be this close.

If Sessions had any sort of respect for the American people and the citizens of the state of Alabama, he would step aside and allow Tuberville to take over. The coach is ready to carry on the proud tradition of the state of Alabama. He is not about to put them through the issues that Sessions caused for Trump and the White House as a whole.

Tuberville may come with his own faults and no one is saying that he is a perfect candidate. However, it is safe to say that he is a much better candidate than Sessions or Doug Jones. Jones’ leftist rhetoric has left the state divided for some time now. Tuberville would provide Alabama with a chance to come together and create a more united front. As a football coach, he knows all about the importance of a proper front line.

Sessions is not someone who should have a vote in the Senate. He has proven himself to be a spineless coward with no courage and no ability to stand up for what is right. When someone in his position shows us who they are and how they feel, we need to go ahead and believe them the first time. There is no reason to continue to play with fire when the future of the nation is at stake.


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