Trump Quotes Bloomberg and the Media Is Freaking Out

Trump Quotes Bloomberg and the Media Is Freaking Out

The New York Times cannot seem to get off Trump’s back, no matter what he does. Initially, they wanted to call attention to his supposed penchant for telling lies. Now, they are on his case because he wants to talk about actual news stories. It’s almost like they will complain about anything that he does, even when he’s trying to do the right thing.

He’s been accused of taking over the news cycle by pointing out a racist policy decision that was made by a former rival. So which one is it? Is Trump a racist liar or is he so hungry for attention that he’ll talk about racism without being prompted? This isn’t a rhetorical question, by the way.

We know that we would never get a straight answer from The New York Times on this but we still want one anyway. Trump simply wanted to let the world know what Michael Bloomberg is really about. The leaked audio of him defending stop and frisk policies is truly damning and no one should be supporting such a ridiculous candidate.

Does anyone even like Bloomberg on his own merits or are they just being nice about him because they are being paid? This is something that we can’t stop thinking about. At least Trump’s grassroots support was real and has continued to grow during his political ascent.

Bloomberg seems to think that he can just buy his way into the race and have the rules changed to meet his needs. Apparently, Trump cannot use his platform to point out this man’s wrongdoing without wanting attention for it. As a sitting president, anything he says or does attracts attention. There is not much that he can do about it.

Trump Takes On Bloomberg and Once Again Hijacks a News Cycle — Like an assignment editor at a tabloid newspaper, the president poured accelerant on a negative story and got it trending on Twitter and cable news.

In our opinion, this sort of turnabout is fair game, especially during an election year. We are not sure why anyone would have a problem with it, unless they already had a bone to pick with Trump as is. The New York Times is only getting fussy because they wanted to be the ones to call attention to this issue.

In a provocative early-morning tweet in which he charged, “WOW, BLOOMBERG IS A TOTAL RACIST!,” the president delivered to his millions of Twitter followers leaked audio from 2015 in which Michael R. Bloomberg, the Democratic presidential hopeful and former New York mayor, offered an unflinching defense of stop-and-frisk policing for which he has since apologized.

Originally posted by a liberal blogger on Monday night, the clip underscored one of Mr. Bloomberg’s key vulnerabilities in the Democratic primary as he seeks to convince voters that he is sorry for the aggressive policing tactics his administration used against minorities in New York…


Like an assignment editor at a tabloid newspaper, the president poured accelerant on the story, aided by his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and his campaign manager, who helped fuel a social media firestorm, already underway, that had the hashtag “#BloombergIsARacist.”…by the afternoon, the hashtag was trending on Twitter and cable news programs, including on CNN and MSNBC, where guests were still talking about the audio clip — and Mr. Trump’s meddling.

There’s plenty of attention to be paid, though. Bloomberg’s stop and frisk policy is absolutely ridiculous and there is no way to spin this as a positive. This man truly seems to think that white people have a worse relationship with the police than any other group and that’s an insane thought to have at any point in your life.

The morning of presidential media distraction was a reminder, if anyone needed one, that the first reality show star turned president has mastered the art of hijacking the modern internet-dominated news cycle….

Of course, Trump is going to seize on these comments and use them to make a potential foe look bad. That’s how politics works and anyone who says otherwise is being willfully naive just to stick it to Trump. The New York Times needs to simply admit that they do not like Trump and people would probably be willing to take their statements about him more seriously.

The message is the correct one so why would you ever shoot the messenger? The New York Times wanted to make these comments about Trump’s past but why would you do that when this audio is so damning? If we didn’t know any better, we would have to think that they are in the bag for Bloomberg. Maybe they got a nice payoff to turn this around onto Trump.

This is not “hijacking the news cycle”, it is calling attention to a very real failing of a potential candidate. Bloomberg could represent a major threat to Trump somewhere down the line and that’s why it is time to put a stop to him now. Racist billionaires should not be able to buy their way into an election under any circumstances.

Every day it becomes more and more obvious that all of the major newspapers of the nation are becoming a mouthpiece for whiny liberals who want to nitpick Trump. While there is a certain amount of political discourse that cannot be avoided no matter what side you are on, there is a time and place for everything. Turning a relatively innocent Trump tweet into a news story reeks of the same sort of hijacking that they wish to prevent.

It’s ironic, right? By trying their best to keep the news cycle safe from Trump, all they are doing is actually drawing more attention to him and what he has to say. Maybe in the future The New York Times will stop to consider such things before they decide to shoot their mouths off publicly. We highly doubt that such a thing would ever happen but we can always dare to dream, can’t we?


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