Trump Says Biden Made a Deal With Buttigieg

Trump Says Biden Made a Deal With Buttigieg

Trump always loves to poke fun at the Democrats and all of their foibles. We understand where he is coming from most of the time. Who doesn’t like to get under the skin of the hysterical leftists? When Trump started cracking jokes about the likelihood of Joe Biden offering Mayor Pete a job in his potential administration, we all had a good laugh.

After all, who can appreciate transactional politics like he can? Trump is no stranger to these types of conversations and is able to laugh at himself. We doubt that he even knew what would happen next once he was done laughing at Biden and Buttigieg’s expense. As it turns out, his jokes actually came true and it didn’t even take a full day for that to happen.

Biden said that if he becomes the nominee, Mayor Pete will have a place within his administration. This sounds like an awful lot like Biden making a deal to us. As someone who prides themselves on knowing all about the art of deal making, it is easy to see how Trump could have sniffed this out.

We wonder if he also offered Klobuchar a place in the cabinet. As long as Joe is making deals to get other candidates out of his way, he might as well go all out. What job could Biden possibly have to offer Mayor Pete? His administration would not have a lot of positions that are available to the mayor of a small, failing Midwestern city.

In a perfect world, Mayor Pete would be able to work with HUD. This is where the presidential cronies who cannot handle real cabinet duties are placed. Mayor Pete does not even have any sort of pet issue that would qualify him for a job in a presidential cabinet. Does anyone even know what this man stands for, other than telling us how smart he is all the time?

Sure, it’s nice to be smart but it doesn’t exactly qualify you for a position in a presidential cabinet. These positions are already filled by a wide range of intelligent people. Being a Rhodes Scholar is not enough anymore and to be honest, it never was. Mayor Pete probably thinks that he can use the position that Uncle Joe gives him as a springboard to bigger and better things.

All he has to do is not screw up too badly and he will be set up for a gubernatorial run in a liberal state. We can see Virginia electing him in a heartbeat. It’s so easy to picture, isn’t it? He’ll try his best to use Biden as a launching pad to a different gig but he is definitely putting the cart way before the horse here.

No one seems to think highly of Biden’s chances to beat Trump. While the Democrats will be ready to kneecap Bernie to hand him the nomination, what is going to happen from there? Biden is clearly losing a step and he is not the type of candidate that is going to send everyone sprinting to the polls like Obama did. He’s delusional if he thinks that connection will matter once the election rolls around.

Bernie weighed in on the endorsements that were offered and was sure to send another shot across the bow of the party. He is tired of the Democratic establishment and we can actually relate to where he is coming from here. Bernie has his own delusions, though. He thinks that he has won over all of the working class voters but in reality? Biden is actually his equal. The polls show that Biden has made similar inroads.

Trump is having a good time at the Democrats’ expense and is currently encouraging the Bernie narratives. He’s claiming that the party is rigging things against him, too. Trump is only doing this as a means of driving a wedge between the more progressive Democrats and the current establishment. Only time will tell if his initiative is a successful one. Maybe he’ll get his chance to run against Mini Mike after all.

The progressives probably hate being on the same side as him and we can’t imagine how furious mainstream liberals are to hear him echo their sentiments. The last thing that they want is to hear Trump voicing their personal grievances. Biden’s establishment support system makes it easier for Trump to poke at the Democrats and we are here for it. This election is definitely shaping up to be an interesting one.


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