Trump Sets to Release More Migrant Children at a Faster Rate

Trump Sets to Release More Migrant Children at a Faster Rate

Immigration is getting ready to change again as President Trump seeks to change the way children are processed at the border.

The President wants to see the thousands of minors that are currently being held released as quickly as possible.

In a recent change, The United States Department of Health and Human Services will not be required to obtain any immigration records check of people seeking to sponsor the minors at the border.

The people that will no longer need a check are potential sponsors that have already been cleared by the FBI.

The Department of Health and Human Services started checking sponsors for immigration violations of their own.

They wanted to check to see if they had any arrests or any deportation orders that were set to be enforced before the children could be released to the sponsor.

The move by the Department of Health began in May 2018. It was then that they began to send fingerprints to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

The move by the President to consolidate and stop repeat checks will speed up the process at the border for processing minors. The check process is very time-consuming for all people involved.

Evelyn Stauffer, who is a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, has stated the checks have, “not produced any substantive information.”

There are currently 13,200 children being detained at the border right now. Stauffer has noted that the background checks for sponsors slows down the release process and eliminating it would help speed things up.

The waiting time for a background check to come back is about two days. The minors that are released to their family will end up staying in care for a lot longer period because of the current requirements that are placed on staff to perform the background checks.

The fingerprint checks are going to continue in cooperation with ICE, but the reports for sponsors will not be checked by the staff of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The move will speed up the process and move the minors out of care and into homes. It takes time to view a person’s record and determine if they are fit or qualified to provide the care that a minor must have.

The housing and care centers for minors are overfilled and something needed to be done. There just is not enough space to go around.

The majority of the minors are coming from Central America and are crossing the border without any guardian support. The surge of minors crossing the southern border is at an all-time high since 2010.

These young people are moved from the border patrol housing and into the shelters of the Department of Health and Human Services until such a time as a relative or sponsor can be located to come and care for the child.

The reason so many minors are coming to America alone is that they know that there are loopholes that will allow minors to come into the country.

However, there is a big push to try to change such laws so this can no longer happen.

With Mexico stepping up and helping with the issue it is likely that this surge of minors crossing the border will go down with time.

It has been found that many of the sponsors coming for the minors are actually living in the United States without being authorized.

What this means is that the sponsors or family members are not showing up to claim the child because they are afraid that they will be detained by ICE since now their personal information has been shared with that agency.

There are plans to open a few new centers soon to help house all the minors. With the strain on the budget, it has also been determined that education and other amenities will no longer be provided as a part of the normal care of the minor.

The immigration laws need to change soon before the weight of illegal crossings and people being detained stresses out the current system.


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