Trump to Detention Immigrants – Give Me Your DNA

Trump to Detention Immigrants – Give Me Your DNA

The wacky liberals are just foaming at the mouth regarding the recent announcement from President Trump. Starting soon all migrants will have to undergo DNA testing. Any person that is trying to enter illegally will be made to undergo the test. The purpose is to determine if they are wanted in connection with any crimes committed in the United States. The president has come up with the greatest idea yet to help combat the crimes that are committed by illegals.

The testing is an effort to put all the illegals into a database that can be scanned by the police agency to help them solve crimes. The database will also allow the Department of Homeland Security to correctly enforce the current laws that are in place. This program is the first of its kind that will greatly enhance and expand the current record system that is being used for security purposes.

The current system is only added to if there is a person that has been arrested, charged and convicted of a crime. Which severely limits the effectiveness of the system. Now more than 40,000 new entries will be added and more will come as more illegals are caught crossing into the country. President Trump is thinking outside of the box for the best ways to improve the security of the nation.

The wacky liberals are crying over this new policy. One group points out the privacy of Americans could be violated if they are detained by mistake. First of all, if they are in the country legally, then there will be a record of them in the social security system. Illegals do not have the same rights as citizens do, so they can be subject to this kind of testing.

One member of the ACLU has stated “That kind of mass collection alters the purpose of DNA collection from one of criminal investigation basically to population surveillance, which is contrary to our basic notions of a free, trusting, autonomous society,”

The ACLU is a liberal and anti-American organization that wants people from other countries to come and be able to live in the country without having to obey the laws. They stand for the minority and not the majority. They insist that America should just trust everyone that comes into the country. And yet the illegals consistently lie about their families and reasons why they need it into the country. So there is no reason to trust them at all. The ACLU supports criminals that are trying to the nation’s harm.

The DHS will be seeing to it that this new policy is implemented countrywide in every detention center. The New York Times states that the program will “harm” these people. But there is no harm at all. It is a simple test that causes no pain and there is no risk of infection. The Times would have everyone believe that the person is going to be skinned alive and burned for their DNA. Just another fake statement from the liars with the ink.

The testing will be simple and will only take about 90 minutes to produce the results agents need to determine the fate of the person. The agents will know whether the child is a member of the family or if they have been kidnaped and forced into child slavery. The testing has its benefits and will greatly help with the reduction of child trafficking that is plaguing the borders every day.

The President continues to make the best decisions for the country that other people are not willing to make. The lazy Democrats would have child trafficking legalized in the country rather than put a stop to it. This new policy is going to make a difference in the protection of the country.

One person has asked “What if the government used the genetic information it collects to determine access to employment, our ability to have kids or get married, and other benefits, particularly as technology develops and our genetic information purportedly reveals even more about us?

We should hope that these are unlikely hypotheticals, but they’re not far-fetched considering the government’s long history of engaging in wrongful behavior towards people based on their genetic composition.” And to quiet the fears of the crazy conspiracy people, the DHS has stated that such actions are permitted under the DNA Fingerprint ACT. Just now illegals can have it done without question.


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