Trump to Erase Obnoxious Obama Administration Regulations on Methane Gas

Trump to Erase Obnoxious Obama Administration Regulations on Methane Gas

The natural resources of this country are a source of debate and criticism for every generation. Many people have sought to have serious restrictions placed on the companies that mine and drill for these commodities. In many cases, the regulations that these companies are forced to comply with actually have sent them into financial ruin because it kills and growth potential. The obnoxious Obama administration is largely responsible for such regulations. And now President Trump is looking to end these barriers.

President Trump is not one that buys into that mankind is the chief cause for climate change. The president is seeking to roll back the emission guidelines of methane that is produced when natural resources are being pulled from the ground. Some believe that methane is the cause of climate change. This is the same group that believes the methane cows produce has damaged the climate. Their science behind their claims is lacking support and proof.

This move by the president is not being received well by the evil environmentalists and investors. Money has a lot to do with the current set of regulations placed on these companies. Remove the regulations and the vultures have to leave. The removal of these regulations will save these companies hundreds of millions of dollars over the next five years. It would also provide a boost to the economy by creating more jobs and increasing pay for hundreds if not thousands of people.

Much of what Obama put in place years ago was nothing more than a doubling of the then regulations. Obama wanted to appear to be a hero to the environment but rather has been exposed as a fraud. President Trump is an actual supporter of the oil, gas and coal industries. These regulations being removed would go a long way to saving the coal industry that Obama just about killed by his stupid regulations.

President Trump is not seeking to remove all regulations but just the ones that do not make sense. The emissions that cause smog and other harmful gases will remain in place but methane emissions will be rolled back. Ironically large companies such as BP and Exxon are in favor of the federal regulations because they keep the smaller companies from taking over the market. But this is exactly what the president wants to see happen. More companies competing against each other which in turn provides better products at a lower cost. Competition even drives technology which can then be developed to better control emissions of harmful gasses.

President Trump is an environmentalist that has a level head on his shoulders. He is not like the wacky ones that believe every time a person takes a breath they are killing the earth. He cares for nature and the planet and wants to see it preserved but reasonably done so.

The Democrats are the crazy ones. They believe that methane and other gases are the reason why hurricane Dorian has developed. They believe that the things happening in other parts of the world are the result of higher gas emissions. What they don’t realize is that the planet goes through climate cycles to stabilize itself. There are more harmful gases released from a volcano than has ever been produced by mankind. So why don’t the Democrats try to plug all the volcanoes?

The oil and gas industry is set to start growing as soon as these new rules take effect. The Democrats and the wacky environmentalists will see that the president is right once again. They may try to stop what he is doing, but they will fail as they have for the past three years. Nothing the president has done to date has ever hurt the world or anyone else. Everything he has done has only made things better for every person. The United States was once a nation that could help people. Under Obama, the nation became unable to assist when needed. But now under Trump America is great again and is back in the business of helping people around the world.


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