Trump Trolls Both Bloomberg and Bernie on Hannity Interview

Trump Trolls Both Bloomberg and Bernie on Hannity Interview

As part of the pre-Super Bowl entertainment, President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity for an interview. Hannity asked him about his thoughts on impeachment and the election. Trump decided to throw some shade on two of his more well-known Democratic opponents, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont and billionaire publisher and former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg. According to the president, the former is a communist and the latter is – well – short.

According to a transcript of the interview, Trump called Bernie a communist, a charge that he has often denied.

“Well, I think he’s a communist. I mean you know, look. I think of communism when I think of Bernie. Now you could say socialist, but didn’t he get married in Moscow? And that’s wonderful, Moscow is wonderful.”

Hannity noted that Sanders had honeymooned in Moscow, whereupon the president opined that he couldn’t quite connect the chilly city with marriage. He suggested that while Bernie calls himself a socialist that he goes far beyond that.

At the time of his romantic sojourn in the old Soviet Union, in the middle of the Cold War, Bernie Sanders praised some of the aspects of Soviet society, leaving out the gulag, the mass murders, and the secret police. Strictly speaking, Bernie is not a communist or even, strictly speaking, a socialist. He is not in favor of the government seizing the means of production from the private sector. He is in favor of imposing draconian rules on capitalism, especially the energy sector, and of massive tax and spending increases.

Some of Bernie’s acolytes, however, seem to be deep red commies. The Epoch Times notes that more than one Sanders staffer has spoken out in favor of bringing the Gulag to the United States to deal with enemies of the people. Billionaires would be prime targets under a Bernie regime, but all Republicans would be subject to “reeducation.”

The Gulag refers to a system of slave labor camps established by the Soviet Union to punish whom they consider enemies of the state. People who were imprisoned in those camps suffered from back-breaking labor, inadequate housing, food, and medical attention. The death rate for inmates in the Gulag was astonishingly high.

Hannity asked the president about Michael Bloomberg, his fellow New York billionaire. Trump was quite caustic in his response.

“Uh, very little. I just think of little. You know, now he wants a box for the debates to stand on. Okay, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong. You can be short. Why should he get a box to stand on, okay? He wants a box for the debates. Why should he be entitled to that? Really. Does that mean everyone else gets a box?”

A quick Google search indicates that Bloomberg is five feet eight inches tall, which is hardly in the Tyrian Lannister range as Trump meant to imply. However, the president achieved two things from the obvious troll that brought to mind “Little Marco” and “Lying Ted” from the 2016 campaign.

First, according to more than one pundit, Trump placed the image in the heads of millions of Americans of Mike Bloomberg standing on a box so that his face would be above the podium. He belittled his potential opponent more thoroughly than if he had mentioned his gun-grabbing proposals or his nanny-state tendencies.

Second, he got Bloomberg’s campaign spokesperson Julie Wood to have a meltdown. She exploded, “He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.”

Trump went on to note the dodgy rules changes that the Democratic National Committee is executing to allow Bloomberg in the next debate to start with. He seemed to agree with Bernie Sanders that the rules changes are unfair, especially to other candidates such as Cory Booker, now out of the race, who were not able to take advantage.

Trump suggested that he would love to run against Bloomberg, almost as much, one suspects, that he would love to run against Bernie Sanders. On the other hand, the president has not expressed any concern about running against any of the Democratic candidates, even “Sleepy Joe” whom he also mentioned in passing during the Hannity interview.

In short, the interview displayed Trump at his pugnacious and self-confident best. He is looking forward to the coming election campaign with great eagerness.


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