Trump Winning – The Proof is In the Numbers

Trump Winning – The Proof is In the Numbers

The proof is in the pudding or in this case the immigration numbers and it proves that another Trump strategy is working. The President is often criticized for his hard-line policies and practices ranging from matters of foreign business trade to handling economic issues. If the outcomes and results were different there might be some room for critique in President Trump’s methods, as it is, there is very little room for any.

The economy is still gaining momentum. Time and again during his first term we have seen his methodologies bring foreign business to the table and get things done. Now, we are watching one of his largest projects begin to come into fruition, immigration. As one story recently reported, his plans are working. Yes, the wall is part of his immigration reform but the immigration picture at the Mexico borders is much larger than that. From being inundated with immigrants to dealing with issues of humane and safe conditions, it was (and is) a massive task.

His plan is working.

Based on the aforementioned story, “the number of migrants encountered by U.S. authorities at the southern border has dropped below 100,000… amid increased collaboration with Mexico and Guatemala…  according to government data released Thursday.”

Initially, that may not appear to be a grand improvement (although it is), but a deeper look into those numbers suggest otherwise. It is also only fair to be mindful that there was no memo to the border authorities announcing an unprecedented rash of immigrants. Inside those numbers, representing hundreds of thousands of lives is the real story about the success of Trump’s immigration reform.

According to that report, the living conditions for the children in custody at the border has vastly improved. Unprepared and unforeseen, this massive migration left many young people in very poor conditions as families were held at the border for extended lengths of time. There was simply no way the current immigration officials and system at that time could have handled such an influx of migrants.

Behind the President’s leadership and the hard work of border officials and his plan, the challenge was met. Kevin McAleenan, the acting Homeland Security Secretary, reported that the numbers dropped from 1250 to 160 for children detained for more than 72 hours. Regarding immigrant families, he reported, that those numbers have fallen from nearly 10,000 to 2,000 who are in custody of border patrol officials. According to McAleenan, those families are only held for about 34 hours. In light of the unbelievable numbers border officials witnessed, these results are almost incomprehensible and impressive, to say the least.

The President ran on the promise to help make America safer, including safer borders and by using a better immigration system. Like the economy, like our business image and foreign relationships, this is another victory in progress for Donald J. Trump. Unlike many victories, however, this one is literally quantifiable. Numbers never lie and sometimes they are all the proof we need. When it comes to the President’s job on immigration, the proof is in the numbers but if you look beyond the numbers you will find even more evidence. You will find people having a real chance at a better life and an immigration system working for everyone.

The numbers rarely tell the whole story but they do have a story to tell. For those on the left, that may not be great news but for the rest of us, it is a great read! There is still work to be done, like a wall that still needs to be completed and there is even some talk about some Mexican-born kingpin who has been recently imprisoned who may actually end up funding the wall.

There are all kinds of numbers, like dollars and cents and facts and figures but they all tell the truth. In this case, the truth looks like proof, and that proof is about more than numbers and money it is about a better life, a safer nation and it is about making America great again.


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