Trump’s Approval Rating Is Climbing Higher

Trump’s Approval Rating Is Climbing Higher

Everyone likes to judge a president by their approval rating. A recent poll completed by ABC News/Washington Post shows that Donald Trump has the highest approval rating as president since taking office. This means that he’s even more of a threat than Dems once thought as they prepare for a candidate in the 2020 election.

What the Polls Show

44 percent of Americans approve of the president’s job performance. This is up 5 points from April. Although 53 percent show disapproval, it’s not surprising with all of the slanderings that Pelosi and her poisonous gangs of Dems have managed to do.

With a 44 percent approval rating, it shows that anything is possible. It’s on the incline, which means that he’s doing a better job of proving to people that he is a capable president. He had to overcome a lot. After all, Dems are finally realizing that he is their president.

The polls also show that at a 44 percent approval rating, they’re more inclined to believe that he isn’t responsible for all that the Mueller report was supposed to prove. The Mueller report came out to show that, no, he isn’t guilty of everything. That likely contributed to the five-point increase.

Perhaps he should send a thank you note to Pelosi. It was her investigations that helped to prove that he wasn’t as guilty as she’d like everyone to believe.

As 2020 Approaches…

Supposedly, there are polls that show Biden leading over Trump by 14 points. However, there’s a big difference between polling and what people actually do when it comes to filling in the ballot. Biden is steadily dropping in the polls as he continues to open his mouth. His age and his incompetence are starting to show – and that’s making a lot of people question whether he would be any better than Trump in office.

As Trump’s rating improves, it also shows that the other Dems are getting desperate to win in the primaries. They’ll say anything and promise the world to voters in order to make sure that they can get the votes. Harris is promising free housing to black communities, Sanders is promising to erase college debt, and Warren, well, Warren has a “plan for that” but she’s not willing to disclose it yet.

The Dems are so divided that it’s possible that they’re going to vote for Trump in the general election simply because “who they wanted” didn’t get the DNC nomination. Those who are absolutely against Biden and Sanders may end up throwing the vote to Trump if one of them end up getting the nomination. It can work to Trump’s advantage in any of the scenarios. Those who don’t want to see a woman president just yet may give Trump the vote to prevent Harris or Warren from getting into the Oval Office.

Down to the Issues

The Trump reelection campaign is all about the issues. They are planning to focus on his stance of the important issues as opposed to trying to go head to head with the different candidates – especially since there are so many candidates in the running right now.

Universal health insurance is an issue and one that Dems are all about. Republicans aren’t for it, for the most part – and neither is Trump. It will end up costing the American public considerably more than they realize. However, Obama made people think that it could be done and Sanders can’t stop talking about his socialist ways.

Abortion is an issue, too. Many of the Democratic states are digging their own grave with this one, turning more people to Trump in an effort to stop the baby killing in the name of giving women a choice. There’s a big difference between giving a woman control of her body and murdering a child because she decides she doesn’t want it as she’s giving it the final push into the world.

Although the Dems are getting loud about the issues, they’re doing so because they feel pressured. They don’t want to admit that their half-baked ideas to show Trump is failing haven’t worked. Trump is gaining more approval, especially as he sends aid to the border and demands that the media walks through the temporary housing at the border to show the real conditions.

Trump is gaining ground because people are learning what it looks like for a businessman to run the country instead of a crooked politician. It took some time for people to learn that it’s different but it’s starting to turn in Trump’s favor. And the 2020 Dem candidates are nervous for good reason.


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