Trump’s EPA to Cite San Francisco for Pollution Caused by Homeless

Trump’s EPA to Cite San Francisco for Pollution Caused by Homeless

According to the Hill Newspaper, during his successful fundraising swing through California, President Donald Trump told reporters that the EPA would shortly fine the city of San Francisco for pollution caused by that city’s enormous homeless problem. Homeless people using the streets of San Francisco as an open-air toilet constitutes an environmental hazard, in the view of the president.

“There’s tremendous pollution being put into the ocean because they’re going through what’s called the storm sewer that’s for rainwater,” Trump said. “And we have tremendous things that we don’t have to discuss pouring into the ocean. You know there are needles, there are other things.”

It is no secret that several big cities on the West Coast have developed a homeless problem that has blighted their streets and caused a potential health crisis. The political class in California especially seem unable and even unwilling to deal with the situation that has homeless people, most with mental health and substance abuse issues, living in tent cities and wallowing in their own filth.

The Atlantic reported last Spring that the homeless in California have started to suffer from diseases that have not been common since the Middle Ages, including Typhus as well as tuberculosis and hepatitis. Some health experts have warned that will the proliferation of rats and other vermin in the sidewalk homeless camps, an outbreak of the bubonic plague is not out of the realm of possibility. Outbreaks of the plague killed millions during the Middle Ages up through the 17th Century.

President Trump’s suggestion that San Francisco, one of the centers of woke environmentalism, will soon be cited for being a polluter received the expected pushback and outrage from that city’s mayor. According to NBC News, San Francisco Mayor London Breed asserted on Twitter that, “If the President wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working on actual solutions.”

San Francisco has been undertaking some measures to clean some of the worst of the problem, gathering up used needles and cleaning feces. Mayor London also claims that the city is setting up public toilets and expanding homeless shelters. In the meantime, the state of California has demanded more aid for public housing,

Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has rejected such aid, according to the NBC story, suggesting that “California’s policies on law enforcement, an overregulated housing market and sanctuary policies regarding people living in the country illegally have driven up housing costs while increasing demand.”

Carson is suggesting that American taxpayers are not going to be burdened by paying for California’s public policy mistakes. If the state were to deregulate its housing market and end sanctuary city policies, then HUD may be forthcoming. No evidence suggests that state or local governments in California are going to be cooperative in making these reforms.

But the questions remain about used needles and human filth getting into the oceans, a development that would cause the EPA to pay attention to California’s homeless problem. Hot Air thinks the threat is an example of presidential bluster, designed to put political pressure on California politicians. Mayor London insists that San Francisco’s sewage and waste treatment systems are more than up to the task of handling the waste stemming from the urban homeless camps. Hot Air has not been able to find any media reports of pollution from the homeless camps reaching the Pacific Ocean.

On the other hand, the EPA has likely been conducting an investigation of needles and other waste hitting the ocean. No public evidence suggests that the environmental agency has come to any definite conclusion. The EPA may have found some evidence and Trump, master of the media that he is, has decided to telegraph the potential news as a way to annoy his political enemies in California and maybe motivate them to be more responsive to Secretary Carson’s suggestions for reforms.

Hot Air has reached its own conclusions on the matter:

“I’m just going on a hunch here, but I think that threat from the President was just a throwaway line allowing him to take another swing at California before leaving. Either that or someone else has looked into this and is giving the President some (probably) bad advice. I’m guessing that Mayor Breed isn’t losing much sleep over it, at least yet.”

The key phrase is the last one, “at least yet.”


267 thoughts on “Trump’s EPA to Cite San Francisco for Pollution Caused by Homeless

  1. Hot Air is just that – hot air. One reason which I have not seen discussed for the large homeless population in California is the climate. When the climate is combined with the present governmental policies the draw to the homeless is almost invincible. A entury ago descendents of mine came to California from New York so that, as they put it, they could starve in Los Angeles instead of starve AND freeze in New York. So they moved. The difference between then and now is that the state and city governments didn’t make it easy for them to live without working. Between that and their value system they became prominent professional people, one even a Beverly Hills veterinarian. Probably wouldn’t have happened if they had been paid by the government to not work.

  2. Fine them, EXPOSE them, and make a STRONG CONCERTED effort to remove these vile REPROBATES (calling themselves politicians) and CLEAN UP this mess. The people in these DEMOCRATICALLY run area (which I might add has been “run into the ground”) deserve BETTER than this! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Editor must be a Lib’> I do not think that President Trump nor Ben Carson are bluffing. San Francisco holds the dubious title of number one “The Filthiest City in the USA” and it used to be one of the cleanest before three decades of Left political rule and lack of leadership/caring for the actual, tax paying citizens of that city. They want and promote the wrong things to allow a bright future and any significant changes to that dubious title of #1 any time soon.

  4. I don’t care who you are, that right there is funny! Well except to San Francisco Liberals of course, they so hate being the butt of a joke!

  5. In other words, you have no solution to the ongoing scandalous and dangerous California homeless problem and resent the president offering a solution based on facts. Unbelievable.

  6. Democrat solution — throw more money at the problem and hope —
    Republican solution — analyze the problem and then attack the CAUSE —

  7. I love it, an organization that the liberals have used to harass people doing something really useful about polluting liberals.

  8. The Democratic Party has been shoving environmental control and climate change down everyone’s throats and saying that the neglect is all because of Trump.
    The truth really is that the Districts in America that are falling apart including Los Angeles environmental problem poisoning our oceans are all represented by Democrats.
    For decades Democrats have failed there Districts. That has and is there true agenda. When they campaign it has always been nothing but words. The Democratic Party including there Presidents don’t fulfill there promises once in Office. They are a bunch of windbags and there intentions have been only for there own greed. To better the Politicians to own up to there promises and to actually do there jobs for there Districts and America we need term limits. We The People there Employers provide there paychecks which comes from our taxes and it is We The People that if there neglecting there jobs we have the power to vote them out by voting for a better employee.

  9. You underestimate President Trump, California has been damning him and defying the federal laws since he took office. They are all sanctuary cities where the problems are. Conservatives are not dumb and blind to this and neither is the President. I for one hope he does fine them, big.

  10. It’s about time the President got tuff on this liberal shithole of a state. As a resident of California I have quit going too the bay area because of the decadence there. This state will protect an illegal; feed and house them before they help a resident. After my wife retires we’re getting the hell out here.

  11. San Francisco can invest in some “power washers” and poop sucker trucks—or porta potties to clean up the mess that They have invited by Their socialist/communist way of non governing.

  12. I find it hilarious that this page, and everyone on the Left, thinks it’s perfectly fine and harmless for urine and feces to be filling the yards and sidewalks all over California. These are the people who care SO much about the environment?? Further proof that it’s all just a smokescreen and “hot air” as they really do NOT care about proper cleanliness and what kinds of horrible bacteria and filth is found in human waste. Absolutely disgusting! Trump and Carson are 1000% correct–nobody should be bailing out the idiocy and stupidity of California “leaders” as that will just encourage more idiocy and stupidity.

  13. It takes a LOT of ba77s for San Francisco to ask for federal grants to help them pay for cost of the housing crisis that they and they alone are responsible for creating.

  14. Not one dime of taxpayer dollars for California! CA allowed this mess to happen. Corrupt elections, greedy, inept ideologue partisan politicians. Between the state, counties and local cities/towns some very poor decisions were made, many politically motivated. Citizens continue to elect morons who spend money as if it grew on trees. Maybe if CA didn’t waste so much money on taking care of illegals, offering tons of freebies, they would have the money to take care of their homeless problems. Now they think Washington DC, HUD and the rest of us around the country are going to chip in. WRONG!! It’s bad enough that the CDC will no doubt become involved due to infectious diseases cropping up. You made this mess, CA, you clean it up and on your own dime. You need more money? Tax the daylights out of the loud-mouth Socialists in Hollywood, LA, Beverly Hills and Silicone Valley.

  15. Talk about POETIC JUSTICE! . . . The LEFT gets all excited about “polluting the planet”, “saving the planet”, etc. and they are getting cited by the FEDERAL EPA?!? San Francisco is a craphole city (like the majority of the OTHER Democrat run cities). It couldn’t happen to a finer bunch of “fine folks”! (?) BRAVO!!! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. No, No, No FREE HOUSING VOUCHERS will “ONLY” be handed out if you can Pass A Drug Screen and Mental Health Evaluation. (1.) You will be Required to PASS a DRUG SCREEN ..or be willing to enter a LONG-TERM Drug-Treatment Facility. (2.) If you do have MENTAL HEALTH issues. You will be DRUG-SCREENED to make sure you are taking your PRESCRIBED MEDICATION. And have a LONG TERM MENTAL HEALTH Plan In Place. (3.) The CITY will be fined for ALLOWING the HOMELESS to CAMP within the city limits. (4.) The HOMELESS will be offered PROGRAMS to get them into HOUSING. If they REFUSE the HELP and Continue to CAMP within the city limits? They can Expect to be FINED and JAILED.

  17. Good for Ben Carson and President Trump. California is One Big Mess which its Governor and Mayors are ignoring. Eventually their citizens will pay the price for Unhealthy Conditions in that State; a perfect example why our Southern Border needs Walls and illegal immigration cut as much as possible as Overpopulation can cause problems which we notice California is not addressing; looking the other way solves no problems.

  18. “Mayor London insists that San Francisco’s sewage and waste treatment systems are more than up to the task of handling the waste stemming from the urban homeless camps” .
    One wonders why Mayor London has allowed San Francisco to get in such a dangerous level of disarray and threatening very serious health threats to residents, if their sewage & waste systens are more than up to the task. If there is nothing wrong with the system, the problem must be up to the politicians who are in charge of seeing that they are operating correctly.
    Personally think the first thing wrong with the politicians running the system is they seem to have a problem understanding that when you find your own citizens living on the street, you deffinitely should end start deporting illegal alien immigrants who have caused the problem & close the doors of all sanctuary areas still inviting them in.
    Definitely stand behind Dr. Carson in his statements denying making all American taxpayers bail California politicians out of what their sheer idiocy has caused. If your state is up to handling the problem, why are you asking Dr. Carson of HUD to bail you out, so you can maintain your sanctuary and create the problem all over again & again?? Don’t think anyone in my state has asked anyone in California or anywhere else to lure these illegal aliens here & embezzle treasury funds to support them – so why should taxpayers of all the other states be forced to bail you out??

  19. City of San Diego treats (brown) water so well that it is actually better than the tap water they serve up. This “Brown” water is checked hourly so they do not poison the fish but tap water is check only once in 24 hours. If my guess is right, all of California is on this same kick. It was the Enviro wackos who created and mixed (with government approval) an additive called MTB, if I remember correctly. Well this stuff is known to cause cancer, it doesn’t burn off when run through an engine and filters down and collects in ground water. Grasping a plastic straws?

  20. This is insane.Paying to clean up someone else,s mess! They,re all too busy attacking Trump to do a halfway job in their own districts.And if they want all those extra people( illegals) living out there,take care of them yourself.!!! Worked for what we have!

  21. This is both an environmental And public health crisis.
    The mayor and governor care more about screwing the trump administration than taking care of law abiding taxpayers.
    Fin should be instituted until the governing officials decide how to solve the problem permanently.

  22. Stormwater that does not soak into the ground runs directly into canals and rivers which dumps it into the ocean. Every time it rains in San Francisco the rain washes the human excretment and needles into the canals and right into the oceans. In San Diego border with Mexico they have a huge problem with the coastal waters becoming to polluted to swim in due to more santitation in Mexico border areas. This is what is happening in San Francisco because of the homeless being allowed to use the sidewalks and streets as their personal toilets. These santctuary cities have become diease ridden pits thanks to their policies. Setting up portable toilets and allowing police to issue citations would help this problem but the elected officials keep pocketing the money and letting it get worse and worse. This moron of a mayor needs to take Trump seriously and do something because Trump will do something and he is not going to like it.

  23. I hope President Trump & Ben Carson will be successful. It is a complete shame what Governor Newsom & the mayors of San Francisco & LA are “NOT” doing to protect their people & California. They are absolute loosers!

    The people in California have needed the help of outsiders because the state’s political voting policies don’t allow them to get rid of crappy politicians. It is a corrupt place when it comes to voting. It’s been rigged for quit awhile. I do not see any reason to ever go to San Francisco ever again. Why would anyone want to visit that filthy place.

    Thanks for your help President Trump!

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