Trump’s Popularity Soaring Despite Misleading Press

Trump’s Popularity Soaring Despite Misleading Press

If you really didn’t know, if your only news and information came from a few select major syndicates and publications, you would think that this country called the United States was crumbling right before our very eyes.

After all, just look at the recent news surrounding the leadership and the Presidency of this great country. Based on many reports, President Trump is in collusion with Russia, he is probably a Nazi and of course a sexist.

Based on that information it is obvious why everything is in such peril and of course, why President Trump’s public opinion numbers are so… strong?

Yes, you read that correctly. Historically and realistically speaking the President’s opinion poll numbers are somewhat more than encouraging, although it may not look so impressive on the surface.
This news came out recently as one story cited a few numbers from the latest Rasmussen poll results.

One of the most respected pollsters Rasmussen revealed that the President has had an approval rating averaging from the mid to upper 40% range. Those numbers are also trending stronger as approval ratings as high as the low 50’s are more commonly being reported and as the economy and country continue to strengthen.

On the heels of this news regarding the latest Rasmussen polls, the Washington Examiner released the results of the Battleground Poll, which highlighted Trump’s approval rating in specific areas like:

58% – Handling of the economy.
45% – Handling of personal taxes.
57% – Job creation

Overall, these numbers are on par with where President Obama was polling, and equal to if not slightly better than President Clinton and Bush. That is good news right, but why all the excitement?

Anyone who is familiar with public opinion polls will tell you these are good numbers, they are solid but they are by no means eye-popping or great. This is where the story goes from good to, “Oh my!”

While the President is showing strong poll results, this is also in the face of a negative publicity barrage that is unprecedented in the history of the United States Presidency.

No president has been so maligned, beleaguered and so falsely misrepresented by the media and press as this one. An example of this negative press was revealed in a report from Pew Research.

According to that report, the percentage of negative press for the last three Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush was 20%, 28%, and 28% respectively. President Trump, 62%.

What that means is that nearly two out of every three times the President was mentioned in the press, it was in a negative context. You don’t have to be very good at math to quickly recognize that this is more than twice as much negative news coverage as his predecessors.

Upon a second look, we then realize that not only is President Trump polling well, he is literally doing it in spite of the loudest and most persuasive opposition possible. We should be paying attention to this apparent contrast and what is now unfolding in America.

What this contradiction between these approval polls and the inundation of negative media being propelled by the democratic-powered major press outlets shouts, needs to be heard. We understand the power of media and perception.

It was this same media that had virtually cinched the election in favor of Hillary Clinton as the polls opened. Even the President himself expressed his doubt about winning that battle.

Maybe it is long overdue that we stop being led like a herd by the loudest and most dominant voices and that instead, we give more credence to facts, evidence, and truth.

Maybe it is time for a President like Donald Trump. Regardless of the noise, and in the midst of the conflict between Mass Media shouting “impeach” and the public saying “good job Mr. President,” is a message.

The message is clear and people aren’t dumb.

When the economy begins working, people start working and the country starts moving in the right direction, they know it.

President Trump obviously didn’t lose that battle and it looks good in 2020 too but no doubt, the President is focused on a bigger picture.

He won the battle and now he intends to win the war… to continue making America Great Again!


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