Trump’s Replacement Rule on Coal Power Plants

Trump’s Replacement Rule on Coal Power Plants

Under the Obama administration, heavy restrictions were placed on the coal industry. President Trump has once again turned everything around from the hardships the Obama administration has placed on Americans.

By easing up on the restrictions, the coal-fired power plants will not only expand the coal industry but under the EPA rule and the states final say, the plants will set forth cleaner air by burning fewer emissions and set the path for a better world tomorrow.

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Andrew Wheeler signed the plan which overrides Obama’s rule, the coal miners cheered and applauded along with lawmakers in the coal country. States will have the decision over plants on whether or not they make limited efficient upgrades through the replacement rule signed on Wednesday.

With this new ruling, more coal plants are expected to open due to the removal of the Obama restrictions. New York is the only state so far, which is planning to fight the decision in court, and more lawsuits are expected to follow.

This is another promise kept by President Trump, and the EPA follows the pledge to restore the coal industry. The coal industry took a big hit last year when the competition of renewables and cheaper natural gas took over. Wheeler stated, “Americans want reliable energy that they can afford. There is no denying fossil fuels will continue to be an important part of the mix.”

Industry Representatives and lawmakers blamed the federal regulation implemented by President Obama, on the closing of multiple coal plants across coal mining states. They said the market was not the reason, and the coal industry has been hurting for decades.

The signing of Wednesday’s act would put an end to all the closures of the plants and kick off a rejuvenated coal mining industry. Representative David McKinley, a Republican from West Virginia, stated, “We’re not ready for renewable energy, so we need coal.”

It seems as though every time the president keeps his word from his campaign promises, The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has to have a rebuttal. She stated, “The change as a dirty power scam and a stunning giveaway to big polluters. Climate change is the existential threat of our time, and the administration was ignoring scientific studies and yielding to special interests.”

EPA officials and environmental advocates who were under the Obama-era also took part in the revision and replacement of the plan. They state the Trump replacement rule will do little to cut emissions and comes at a time when Americans are concerned about global warming.

Joe Goffman assisted in the drafting of the repealed Clean Power Plan instilled by Obama, and he had this to say, “I can’t think of a single rule that would do more to set back the effort to do what we need to do to address the critical threat of climate change.”

The Obama Clean Power Plan was market driven and had nothing to do with the environment. His plan went solely off of solar, natural gas, no carbon fuels, and lower carbon fuels. With this market, the producer makes at a low cost but can profit more. Trump’s Clean Air Act puts people back to work and does cost a little more to produce but still keeps the economy going at a fast pace.

The profit is still there, and the level of emissions can be controlled according to state levels, which is good for the environment.

Wheeler added to his statement, “We’re leveling the playing field in terms of regulations on various energy sources to allow that investment to occur. We are trying to address climate change, but we’re doing it with the authorities we have.”

Along with working with the EPA and the states to reduce the emissions, the Trump administration is cracking down, pushing for lighter trucks and cars with tougher standards for mileage. With everything comes more lawsuits as the environmental groups are already promising lawsuits and court challenges with the push from the Trump administration for this too.

An analysis was put to the test on Tuesday when the federal air data had cleaner air under the Obama administration from 2013 to 2016. They claim in the last two years under the Trump administration, there is recorded 15% more days of unclean air.

This leaves one to wonder, Obama’s rule, the Clean Power Plan was still in effect until Wednesday, June 19, 2019, not Trump’s Clean Air Act.

Something is fishy with the statistics.


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