Turkey Becoming Enemy, Taunts They’re Using Russian Jets

Turkey Becoming Enemy, Taunts They’re Using Russian Jets

Turkey is becoming an aggressive nation that is starting to mouth off about its military might. Recently, they have bought a bunch of S-400 missile defense systems. They got these weapons from Russia who has made their way back into the region with the pullout of the United States. Russia is still playing the Cold War games with the United States. They step in where the United States stepping out, and they undermine everything that was put in place by America.

Turkey is posturing itself to become enemies of the United States. These missile defense systems can be used against F-35 fighter jets. Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan has recently met with President Trump to try to ease tensions that have developed between taunting Turkey. Russia has been influencing them behind the scenes. Russia has always stood in opposition to the freedoms that America stands for. But the stupid Turkey president is feeling powerful because he has bought some new weapons from a mighty nation.

Turkey and its purchase of these weapons are set to bring sanctions to their people. They are no longer part of the F-35 program from which they obtained the fighter jets that they have used to defend themselves from invaders. Russia has given them the means to become an aggressive nation because of the missile defense systems.

Russia knows that any nation that they can get to buy their weapons is just another ace in their hole that they can use against the mighty United States. The sanctions are set to begin as Turkey takes possession of the missiles. Power has gone to the stupid head of the Turkey president. He believes that his crooked nation that has gone against all agreements with the United States now has a lot of power. But all they have are a few aging missile systems that were delivered from Russia. Turkey has become a pawn of Russia. And they do not even realize it yet.

The sanctions are coming. Turkey has been removed from being able to buy the jets they need to defend themselves in the air from aggressive nations like Russia. Turkey has every intention of using these systems in their air space. The United States does not want Turkey developing relations with Russia. They have lied and cheated other nations around them and now it looks like Turkey is next. Placing these systems into the country only broadens the military might of Russia. Russia loves the idea of having its systems outside of its borders.

One Turkish official stated that “It is not a correct approach to say ‘we won’t use them for their sake’ about a system that we bought out of necessity and paid so much money for. We have allied relations with Russia and the United States. We have to go on and respect the agreements we signed.” Turkey is deceiving themselves by thinking they can honor two treaties with nations that do not like each other. He is also trying to buy the best defense from two nations that have incompatible military systems.

Turkey needs to wake up and see that Russia does not have their best interests in mind. Russia is simply looking for a way to insert themselves into the region, so they can expand their devilish influence. At some point in the future, Russia is going to show up and demand more than their treaty allows them to have.

Turkey is trying to place a dangerous fence by claiming that they can use both systems without the worry of defaulting on their agreements. With their mouth, Turkey has lied when they said “As a loyal friend and ally, we have said we were ready to take measures if there are any risks that we have overlooked on this issue. We still believe we can find a middle ground on the S-400 issue, so long as both sides are open.” But they were the nation that moved against Syria when the United States asked them not to. They have become a nation that cannot be trusted.


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