Twitter Denied Harris’ Request To Suspend Trump’s Twitter Account

Twitter Denied Harris’ Request To Suspend Trump’s Twitter Account

Kamala Harris may not realize that she’s not the President of the United States. With the 2020 presidential candidate’s polls plummeting every single month, she’ll likely never have the chance to be President, either. Her “say so” doesn’t have the kind of reach she thinks it does.

When she asks Twitter to suspend Trump’s Twitter account, they’re not obligated to listen.

She’s furious that the social platform won’t suspend the President’s account.

Now, they have to break it down to her.

Vijaya Gadde, the leader of the trust and safety teams for Twitter, explains that the decisions aren’t always yes/no binaries. However, “it is not that simple.” Twitter has policies that focus on targeted harassment, abusive behavior, and violence. The tweets that Kamala Harris shared as reasons for why Twitter needs to suspend Trump’s account don’t go against any of those violations.

Additionally, Harris may not be aware of the fact that Twitter (along with several other social media platforms) introduced a policy that allows world leaders to break some of the rules without penalty or fear of suspension as long as Twitter identifies those tweets to be of “public interest.” If a world leader is promoting terrorism or making direct threats of violence, they will step in.

Ian Sams, who is the national press secretary for Kamala Harris, is upset because Twitter isn’t holding Donald Trump accountable for abusing the platform by threatening people and inciting violent behavior. Twitter doesn’t have to hold Trump accountable. Their job as a platform is to ensure that no one is promoting violence. Trump has not done that. He is not inciting or inspiring violent behavior any more so than a democratic candidate failing in the polls demanding that the President’s tweets be removed are inciting violence.

Donald Trump is a businessman first and foremost. He knows the rules and he knows how to play by them. He hasn’t threatened witnesses or obstructed justice. The only thing he has done is questioned whether the Democrats are playing fair and has demanded answers. Harris and many of the other Dems are seeing that as violence because they know that they’re not playing fair and they don’t want to provide him with answers.

Particularly as it pertains to the whistleblower and impeachment proceedings, Trump has every right to demand why the impeachment is happening. The Democrats are holding all of their so-called evidence close to their chest, not providing answers – and Trump is over it.

Kamala Harris once skyrocketed in the polls because she attacked Biden. She did so because she didn’t think he was being fair to African Americans, and she chose to attack on the first DNC debate stage. People learned who Harris was and began throwing a vote her way. Her child-like behavior to “demand” that Twitter suspend Trump’s account is her way of trying to attack a politician again. She feels that if she can attack Trump in a public forum, it will be enough to get her back into the good graces of the national polls again. However, the writing is clear: no one is interested in her being President, let alone the DNC nomination for the primaries.

Harris thinks that only her political party can say what they want. If she was really trying to protect the fairness and prevent bullying, she’d be going after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for all of the hateful things she’s said about Trump and even other House Representatives.

Harris would also be attacking Beto O’Rourke for dropping f-bombs not only on social media but also in public forums. However, Harris has a one-track mind. She’s only concerned about what Trump is doing because it goes against her agenda. She can’t possibly have Trump demanding answers. If it were up to her, he’d close his Twitter account and simply allow the Dems to drag his name through the mud and impeach him.

Kamala Harris had to face the reality once Twitter had to explain why they weren’t suspending his account. He didn’t break the rules she wanted him to break. He gets to continue tweeting, despite her not wanting to see him. She found out she doesn’t have any say as to what social media platforms do nor what he is able to say. She might as well learn this early on – and while she’s at it, she might want to realize that there’s no sense staying in the race considering that there’s no one else for her to attack in order to get a rise in the polls.


18 thoughts on “Twitter Denied Harris’ Request To Suspend Trump’s Twitter Account

  1. Kamala Harris seems to think that she is the only one who has speech rights. On one should want someone who demands that a person’s Constitutional rights should be taken away.

    1. With the hatred and abuse she and Ilhan Omar spew I would much rather see them banned than the sometimes goofy, unnecessary comments by DJT.

  2. Kamala Harris is DUMBER than a “box of rocks” . . . Not too bright. WHO does she think she IS? Emperor?!? Not POTUS Material. About as INSANE as that OTHER Democrat SANDERS idiot (Who, BERNIE? . . . Just guessing). Don’t vote for ANY of these insane Democrat NUTCASES! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. This repuslive ‘woman”, is SOOOOO, taken with herself, it’s revolting! She is just one notch belkow “Killery” Clinton! She is absolutely “NOT” presidential material!

    1. I whole-heartily agree, Ronald!!!!!!!!! There is no way, I would give any of them the time of day. I like Sen. Abby [ can’t re-call her name ] I think she is from Hawaii, but she is probably too far out in left field, for me. I am a conservative, & it’s been many yrs. since I was a young man, but I grew older & wiser. Maybe I just think she would be the lesser evil of all the other candidates.

  4. Kamala Harris is not smart enough to become a lawyer, so how was she persuading the people to giver her that. Well, she is sexy and good looking, and that is usually the means for a not-too-bright woman to get something that she wants. SO, I AM JUST ASKING! HOW DID KAMELA HARRIS GET HER LAW DEGREE? It is well known that some good looking sexy women get what they want by their actions under the table or under the sheets, wherever it happens to be. So, is this really what she is? She certainly doesn’t have a brilliant brain or posses many facts, so how did she do it??? Well, that is her business. I am done asking question.

  5. I guess Kamala missed constitutional law class when she was too busy getting stoned listening to Snoop Dog songs on the radio that weren’t written yet.

  6. Harris might run into some mental issues
    after the re-election of President Trump.
    Trump doesn’t really need Twitter…….
    Twitter needs Trump, and they know it!
    Harris doesn’t see Herself as a destroyer of
    dreams. It’s sinking in though, and it shows.

  7. Kamala , it’s called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” did you forget the Constitution? Oh yes, I forgot you are a democrat and don’t know what the constitution says. How dare you – how dare you? You are NOT and will never be the President of the United States of America (thank God for us). we are just waiting for former “Mayor Slick Willie” to come out of the fog and tell his story of how you climbed up the “ladder of success” on his back. yAHOO – come on Willie tell us a story.

  8. Thank you, Twitter – thank you – but it’s about time someone finally stood up to these Dems and I hope reminded them that it’s still a free country for all.

  9. Come on Kamala, you made it on your looks, maybe for awhile, but unfortunately time has a way of creeping up on all of us, including her. I wonder if she is related to Sen. Maxine Waters? She kind of remind me of her, back in her younger days. I also think she shares the same hatred for Pres. Trump that Sen. Maxine does.

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