Ukraine, Biden, And The Family Cover Up?

Ukraine, Biden, And The Family Cover Up?

There’s a lot happening in Ukraine, especially when former VP Joe Biden is involved. He’s been accused on multiple occasions of helping family members with his position. Now that he’s running for president, he could have even more power – which would help his family members tremendously, too.

Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and current attorney for Trump, has already acknowledged that he asked top officials in Ukraine to investigate Biden. This is happening at the same time that House Dems are looking to see if Trump and Giuliani are actually investigating a 2020 election rival.

It all has to do with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Hunter Biden has a number of allegations about him due to a company that is connected to him.

It has nothing to do with Trump feeling threatened by Joe Biden. It has everything to do with conducting an investigation to find out if the former VP was using his name and connections to sweep some of his son’s wrongdoings under the carpet.

The accusation coming from Trump and Giuliani is that Ukraine laundered $3 million to Hunter Biden. Now, Trump’s lawyer wants to know how Obama could have let that happen. Trump and Giuliani have been doing plenty of whistleblowing of their own, calling for an investigation of Biden’s’ millions from Ukraine as well as billions from China. The Biden’s have made a significant amount of money selling public office according to Trump and his lawyer.

According to Giuliani, prosecutors were stonewalled when they asked about specific transactions – including a one-time payment of $3 million to Hunter Biden from Ukraine, which went through Latvia and then Cyprus prior to entering the United States.

Giuliani also wants to know if Barack Obama knew that his vice president, the same one responsible for giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, had a son who is making millions of dollars sitting on the board of a corrupt company based in Ukraine. Hunter Biden had a boss who stole $5 billion from Ukraine and was a fugitive. This leads to a number of questions regarding VP Biden and Obama in terms of how much they knew and how much they were approving of.

Hunter Biden was making $50,000 a month sitting on the board of directors at a natural gas firm known as Burisma Holdings. Prior to sitting on the board, he had no experience in Ukraine. With prosecutors looking into a corruption probe, Biden was not accused of any wrongdoing during his time at the company.

Two years after leaving the office of the vice president, Joe Biden boasted about pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor when he was vice president. Does that mean that Biden was acknowledging using his power as VP to fire a prosecutor that would have otherwise accused his son of wrongdoing? The number of questions continues to increase – and Democrats are quickly trying to prevent Giuliani and Trump from getting answers.

Donald Trump is a smart businessman – and he’s not going to go digging where his nose doesn’t belong – especially when it pertains to a political rival for the 2020 presidency. However, Giuliani and Trump alike are making sure that the research is being done about Biden. If there is a scandal, the American public has a right to know. Giuliani brought up a number of interesting points on Twitter, including money laundering, large disclosures, and $1.5 billion given to Biden’s fund.

Trump has already caught Joe Biden in a lie when Biden said that he has never spoken to his son about business dealings with the Ukrainian energy company. However, Hunter Biden told the New Yorker magazine that they spoke about it “just once.” As Trump acknowledged, “of course you spoke to your son.”

The only thing that the House Dems want to do is hide everything about Ukraine and how it involves Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This is why Giuliani and Trump are doing what they are doing – they need to get to the bottom of it before all of the documents “mysteriously” disappear. The Dems have lied and cheated in the past – and the Trump administration is well aware of it.

Currently, Democrats fear that the president is pressuring Ukraine to get information by using the power of the United States to help them defend themselves from Russian aggression. It sounds like Biden used too much of his power to help his son and, now, the Dems don’t want Trump using any of his power in order to help the country.


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