Update on Subpoenas for Gates and Flynn

Update on Subpoenas for Gates and Flynn

Rick Gates, who is a former campaign deputy for Trump, and Michael Flynn, who was the national security advisor, have been issued subpoenas by the House Intelligence Committee. Both men have pleaded guilty when investigated by Mueller. They had agreed to work with investigators on the probe while the investigation was taking place.

Adam Schiff, who is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made the decision to issue subpoenas for them to appear before Congress. The House Intelligence Committee wants to hear their take on the events that the House believes to have taken place back in 2016 with Donald Trump and any possible obstruction of justice or collusion.

It appears that the House is now pursuing two lines of investigations into the President and things that the Mueller report said he is innocent of doing. Jerry Nadler, who is the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, has also issued subpoenas in the past to other White House aides and officials. Does the question remain as to what exactly are they hoping to find?

Adam Schiff has stated, “As part of our oversight work the House Intelligence Committee is continuing to examine the deep counterintelligence concerns raised in Special Counsel Mueller’s report, and that requires speaking directly with the fact witnesses. Both Michael Flynn and Rick Gates were so critical witnesses for Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, but so far have refused to cooperate fully with Congress.”

Both men are to appear before a July 10 deadline. This is the same panel that interviewed Michael Cohen as they investigated any Russian election interference, the President’s finances, and any foreign influence into his personal business adventures. The panel has also delayed other interviews with other individuals that have worked with the President in order to focus on these two men.

Both men are believed to be the key to unlocking what the House is trying to find. The Democrats want to find what the Mueller report wither missed or is hiding. In response to the House calling for witnesses to testify, the White House is directing those people to not hand over any documents or material related to the time they worked with President Trump.

The former White House counsel, Don McGahn, was recently ordered down the same path by the White House. The President has had to enact executive privilege on some of these witnesses because of the badgering that House is doing. Both Flynn and Gates have to decide how they will respond to the orders from Congress. It is known the Flynn has a new lawyer that is ready to represent him during this time.

Flynn has been given a special note from the Justice Department that mentions that he may not face any penalty if he cooperates with the investigation and with Congress.

Adam Schiff has written, “While the committee understands that your cooperation agreement with the Department of Justice only requires you to testify for the department, the committee is disappointed that you do not view your cooperation more broadly as an obligation to assist the United States of America, not merely the Department of Justice.”

The President has nothing to hide from Congress because he has done nothing wrong. The investigation done by Mueller has exonerated the President from any wrongdoing. The Mueller report has opened up some interesting parallels that need to be looked into. The trouble with Russia started long before the President took office under the Obama administration.

One can only wonder why there is no investigation taking place on that issue. Another issue that needs to be looked into is Russia. An investigation into what they were trying to do and accomplish would be a good start. By finding out the how and the what of Russia’s goal in 2016 would go a long way in preventing it from happening again.

President Trump continues to be a victim of a Congress that is fishing for things that do not exist. They have been trying to ruin his presidency for nearly three years with no results. The Democrats are setting themselves up for a major defeat in 2020 because they are pursuing things that do not exist, and they have not accomplished anything of substantial value during these past few years.


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