US is Starting to Mimic Communist Nations with Liberal Abortion Stance

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The Democratic Party has, at its core, the thrust to become like the communist nations that regulate their population through abortion. Communist laws dictate what type of children get to live and which ones must give their lives. And one of the favorite choices of abortion that plagues the unborn is abortive procedures that are allowed by law right up until the child is born.

Late-term abortion is the common practice of killing a child before it can take a physical presence in the world. The liberals believe that an unborn child cannot feel pain until it is aware of its presence in the world. But science has proved that pain is felt early in the first trimester.

The overturning of the Roe v. Wade case has opened the door for laws to change from the support of killing children to seeking to save them. Pro-life supporters insist that the long-standing laws that support long-term abortion be struck down. The time of mimicking the communist laws of China and North Korea must end.
The “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act” is a bill working its way around the Legislative Branch. If it is passed, more states would have the opportunity to pass stricter laws prohibiting the exercise of late-term abortions.

Fox News reported that communist nations use late-term abortion laws to control explosive populations. So, they force people to abort children the government deems a threat to their reign. The leaders cannot risk certain people groups from becoming a threat to their time in power.

There are only a few nations in the world that allow late-term abortions. Many of those places are ruled by communism. And America is part of that killer’s club.
Now that the people have a voice regarding abortion, there is a path to change the law. Pro-life organizations have kicked it into overdrive to help states develop laws that will pass and help protect unborn souls.

The blue states are currently ones that permit abortion on various levels. The sick part about the way Democrats think is that they promote abortion plans and even encourage women to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to the state so they can suck the baby out of their womb. And they are paying them to make the trip.

Maryland is one of those states that allow the practice of late-term abortions. Women can come as late as 34 weeks into their pregnancy and have the child murdered in a simple yet brutal procedure. The state has allowed a facility to be built specializing in such acts.

The Roe v. Wade court case did not make abortion illegal. It simply allowed the people to have their voices heard again. The liberals could no longer hide behind such a law and turn a deaf ear. They have to listen to the people and let them decide by vote what is acceptable for their state.

The Constitution protects the right of every human to live. And no amount of wishful thinking by the Democrats can ever change that truth. They have to resort to reclassifying human life by calling an unborn baby a ball of cells so they can justify the heinous act of killing the baby.

Fox News reported that early in the development of a baby, “Eyebrows and hair on the top of the head are beginning to grow, bones are getting harder, and the baby may even be sucking their thumb. Their organs are fully formed now and will continue to grow. You may be able to tell the baby’s sex this week with high-resolution ultrasound!”

The unborn can do things that a baby can do after birth. There is no mistake that the characteristics in the womb are the same ones being seen outside of the womb.

Joe Biden and his group of liberal murderers would love to pass a law to reinstate abortion as a national heritage. But the right to live is more significant and cannot be stopped by a few liberals seeking to make their mark on history by copying the laws of communist nations.