Video: Bernie Is Warning DNC Over Election Meddling

Video: Bernie Is Warning DNC Over Election Meddling

Bernie Sanders is well aware of the Democratic establishment’s distaste for his ascent. He is nothing if not self aware. Now, he is looking to make sure that the Democratic establishment does not meddle in the coming election. His recent MSNBC interview was an interesting watch, as he took the opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of the establishment.

Sanders was in the midst of discussing the possibility of someone showing up to the Democratic national convention in July with a plurality and still being denied the chance for a nomination. He sent a warning shot and observers on both sides are listening closely. If the aforementioned event were to take place, Bernie said that it would be very divisive.

While there are some who do not believe that a brokered convention would take place, it is looking like more and more of a possibility with each passing day. If Bernie is not able to win outright, we would be willing to bet that it will happen. Super Tuesday is rapidly approaching and no one has been able to set themselves up to claim a majority of the vote.

Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Bloomberg are still going to be in the mix at this time. Nearly 40 percent of the delegates will have already been handed out by the time these votes are counted as well. The three aforementioned candidates are sure to have splintered the vote. This opens the door for Bernie to successfully maintain his plurality and it is easy to see why he is already looking ahead to what happens next.

There are still no shortage of leftist Democrats who believe that Hillary stole Bernie’s chance of victory unfairly during the last election. We can’t lie, there is definitely evidence to support that claim. That’s probably why Bernie has emerged as Trump’s preferred candidate. He knows that a lefty socialist cannot possibly defeat him and that the party will not even bother to get behind him anyway.

Why worry about someone beating you when you know that their own team is working overtime to make sure that doesn’t happen? Even Bernie knows the score here. The Democratic party knows that Bernie is probably going to have a plurality by the time Super Tuesday rolls around and that they are powerless to stop it.

The other candidates will be more than happy to formulate an alliance to stop him. It’s a sad state of affairs for the Democrats. Bernie probably represents their best chance for a victory but they do not even want to get behind him. It seems like they would rather lose with one of their boring moderates or a billionaire who bought his win in than cast their lot with Bernie Sanders.

No wonder Trump is so confident. You would be, too. It’s the equivalent of playing a basketball team that has turned against their own star player. They’re not going to be able to win because they are not working together. Sanders knows this and is going on record now, so that there is no confusion by the time Super Tuesday has arrived.

There are only a few months until the next election and the Democratic party is in shambles. Instead of realizing that they at least have a puncher’s chance with Bernie, they would rather let their motley crew of moderates screw everything up for him. Those who are on the right side of the aisle have to be laughing at the colossal mess that they have made. This is the sort of stuff that you simply cannot make up.

As for Bernie, he is clearly preparing to be screwed over by his own party and this would also be funny if it weren’t so sad. We wish that we could just skip ahead to the part where Buttigieg or Bloomberg swipes the nomination from him. We all know that it is coming, whether he likes it or not. Surely, he is having post traumatic stress disorder flashbacks to the last election when Hillary swooped in and snagged the nomination out from under him.

At least Bernie is not going to allow himself to go quietly this time around. His comments on MSNBC send a valuable reminder to the Democrats who are willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to get what they want. He holds a massive amount of leverage over their election chances this year. This is not something that he is going to allow them to forget and to be perfectly honest? He is not wrong about what he is saying.


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