Video: Biden Loses It Over Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Video: Biden Loses It Over Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Joe Biden’s dispatches have gotten more and more unhinged recently. When President Trump came out and said that he is currently taking hydroxychloroquine, Biden absolutely loses it. His campaign has been filled with lots of unintentionally hilarious moments but this one is the best yet. We cannot stop chuckling at his level of outrage in this clip.

In fact, he compared the process of using this medication (which doctors have readily prescribed for decades now) to injecting bleach. This is the sort of alarmist behavior that the left loves. Trump made the announcement during a recent press conference where he was addressing various restaurant owners.

The drug is being used as a prophylaxis and from the looks of it, the regimen has been effective. Trump claims to have been taking the medication for a few weeks now. The liberal media went insane over the admission. You would have thought that he was telling people to use illegal drugs to stay safe.

Meanwhile, those who rely on the drug for lupus and malaria treatment are shaking their heads. There’s no reason to be so worked up about the choices that the president makes from a medical standpoint. At first, they were claiming that Trump has a financial stake in the medication.

Joe Biden never misses out on a chance to join in when the media is criticizing Trump. He’s the loudest mouthpiece that the liberal media has access to at the moment. Unfortunately, there are still a sizable number of leftists who are willing to stand behind him. They do not care what he has to say. They side with him because they feel a bizarre sense of obligation.

When Biden yelled “Come on, man!”, it took everything that we had not to fall over laughing. He’s made a lot of faulty comparisons and bizarre statements over the course of his campaign. This one is going to take the cake, though. If it were so dangerous for Trump to rely on this medication, why didn’t the doctors at the White House get out in front of this?

It’s not like the doctors are able to stop him from doing what he wants but he’s not THAT deranged. We are sure that Trump’s enemies are going to believe what the media tells them but we urge people to take a closer look at the facts. If he says that he has consulted with the doctors he has on staff, this seems like a pretty believable statement.

Biden even tried to make a more serious claim about the medication and we are here to fact check him. He claims that there are no serious doctors who are willing to support Trump’s usage of the medication. In a world where people are constantly complaining about misinformation that is being spread by the right, when is the left going to take any level of responsibility for the misinformation that they spread?

Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are also working overtime to spread the fake news. This is not what they need to be worried about, though. There is so much happening in the world right now but they would rather spend their time harping on whatever they think Trump is doing wrong. Only someone with a serious bias would ever try to compare a commonly used medication with the injection of bleach.

Biden might be totally wrong with this statement but the Democrats can rest easy. This is the first time that he has gotten a whole sentence out without screwing it up in a long while. He’s usually flubbing his words and tripping over his sentiments when he speaks in this format. Maybe he will be able to offer further background later on?

We wouldn’t bet on it, though. Biden’s only job right now is to embody the narratives that matter most to the leftists. He does not care if what he is saying is true. All he cares about is pandering to the few people who still believe anything that he has to say. We’re not going to be able to put an exact number on it but this group is dwindling by the day.

The deep state is clearly pulling the puppet strings on Biden and he will dance until they finally have no more use for him. He can’t even see that he is a pawn. Judging from his obvious cognitive decline, he is not going to notice until it is already too late. For his sake, he had better hope that there are no nationally televised debates once election season starts to ramp up.


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