Video: Cell Phone Data Proves China Shutdown Wuhan Lab in October Over Outbreak Concerns

Video: Cell Phone Data Proves China Shutdown Wuhan Lab in October Over Outbreak Concerns

As various investigators work to get to the bottom of the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of revelations have come to light. New news has broken about this matter and we are all sitting up to take notice. Were you aware of the fact that the Wuhan Virology Lab may be responsible for the outbreak?

If not, these cell phone records are going to blow the case wide open for many of you. These records show that a shutdown had already taken place at this lab last year. October 2019 is the date and we have no shortage of follow up questions to ask about these records.

The data suggests that the lab was forced to shut down for several days during the month of October. This does not seem to be on the up and up. Why would anyone believe a word that this lab has to say at this point? They have been lying about the role that they are responsible for playing here for some time now.

They do not exactly have a high level of trustworthiness at the moment. The roads around the lab were also shut for a significant period of time. How can this lab avoid sharing this information? It seems like something that the rest of the world would have liked to know more about.

These events took place around the time that the viral release is said to have occurred. This major development puts us one step closer to learning more about how the virus actually began. Right now, the whole world is in fact-finding mode. No one has ever been forced to go through this sort of disruption to civic life before.

Until we have more to go on, we are going to have to accept certain things about this pandemic. For starters, the Chinese are not going to be honest or helpful in the slightest. Now that they are no longer considered to be the epicenter of the outbreak, they have been quiet about the questions that are rightfully being asked of them.

Multiple countries have launched investigations or threatened to do so. The Chinese response to these inquiries has been telling. Near as we can tell, they expect the rest of the world to simply move on and neglect the role that they have played. Everyone’s supposed to let it go and we wish that they could see where the rest of the planet is coming from.

People want to find out what happened so that we are able to prevent future outbreaks. This is not something that anyone wants to spend time dealing with. Senator Tom Cotton discussed the aforementioned revelations on Sunday Morning Future over the weekend. Maria Bartiromo was responsible for breaking the news initially and she was also present for the discussion.

Cotton also believes that there is no doubt about the Chinese Communist Party’s role in all of this. In his mind, it is obvious that they were pressuring WHO officials not to be transparent about the virus’ origins. Communications around COVID-19 were sorely lacking in the beginning. Cotton wants the CCP and the WHO to take responsibility for their actions.

It’s the sort of interview that you are going to want to see for yourself. Cotton is giving voice to the complaints that we have had for some time now. Does any red-blooded American honestly believe that the Chinese would have accepted a similar outcome if the US was believed to be responsible for a viral outbreak?

Of course, they wouldn’t and rightfully so. Everyone would want to find out what the United States knew and what they didn’t know. Evidence like this only makes everyone who has been wondering about the role of the Chinese feel more justified. Surely, this is something that they understand and are willing to acknowledge.

At this point, we will accept any form of acknowledgment. The WHO should be taken to task for sitting by and allowing this to happen, too. No wonder President Trump is looking into every avenue possible to punish them for this. Their funding is being cut and we are glad that they are no longer going to be handed millions in taxpayer funding to lie about the things that truly matter.

Hollywood decided to try and replace the lost White House funding by having its own fundraiser. That’s one of the most predictable things that we have ever heard. They will take any opportunity to position themselves as hysterical leftists. The rest of us are just waiting for the rest of the information to come out.


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