Video: Graham Believes Media in the Tank With Bidens

Video: Graham Believes Media in the Tank With Bidens

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) visited Face The Nation on Sunday. As you may have expected, he had a lot to say. He is one of the harshest critics of the Democratic circus right now. Graham wasted no time telling CBS host Margaret Brennan how he really feels about the Biden family during this appearance.

He believes that the media is on their side. Graham said that the media is “in the tank” for the Biden family. It is a tough characterization to refute at the moment. They do seem to be getting a free pass from a number of the talking heads that would normally blow a gasket over similar behaviors.

Brennan felt it necessary to point out that nothing had been confirmed when it came to the allegations of corruption that have been made about the Biden family. This was all it took for Graham to offer his musings on the topic. Since the media is not actually trying to find out more about the Biden corruption, how can they say it isn’t being substantiated?

It is easy to say this when you are not trying all that hard, right? Graham makes a solid point here. Every day, you hear about all of the supposed misdeeds of a Bernie Sanders or a Hillary Clinton. For some reason, good old “Uncle Joe” seems to be getting a pass. We wonder how long this status quo will remain untouched, though.

He’s been getting lippy with his own constituents and is clearly reeling from his defeat in Iowa. Graham says that he sick to his stomach over these issues and we are inclined to believe him. He is someone who always speaks his mind on these types of issues, for better and for worse.

There is something to be said for a politician that does not feel the need to behave like one all of the time. Graham is a “tell it like it is” type of guy in a world that sorely needs them. Brennan claimed that the media had been investigating the Biden family but then the show conveniently went to commercial.

You’re not going to believe this but they did not return to the topic when they came back. Instead, Brennan decided that they should talk about other things. Allow us to go find our surprised faces. She wanted to talk about Colonel Vindman and Rudy Giuliani instead. Of course, the Republicans were dominating the proceedings.

It is almost like she was looking to prove his point for him. She did not hear a single word that she said on this matter. Prattling on about Rudy Giuliani and his alleged wrongdoings might make the liberals happy but it does very little to assuage the real fears of those who have a bit more common sense.

Brennan tried to insinuate that Graham was a hypocrite, too. She said that he was essentially asking for the taxpayers to fund a Biden witch hunt. This could not have been any further from the point that he was trying to make. All Graham wants to see is a little bit of media fairness but this is apparently too much to ask in today’s society.

The liberals want to see everyone on the right suffer for any wrongdoings that occur but they do not keep the same energy when anyone on the left is on the hot seat. The points that Graham was making were never even refuted in any meaningful way. All Brennan did was pay lip service to them before moving onto the next topics on her agenda.

Obama was able to engage in tactics that should not make anyone comfortable. The Democrats were allowed to use taxpayer money to fight their silly battles with Donald Trump. Why should Uncle Joe be treated with kid gloves in these scenarios?

The Democrats simply want their preferred candidate to waltz through the primaries without being challenged in any sort of meaningful way. That’s not the way that it should be and that is what Graham is trying to fix. Kudos to him for being willing to call out the nonsense when he sees it.

Legitimate behaviors do not require investigation but Graham is far from the first person to notice how the Biden family is treated. We are not here to offer any assumptions on their actions and how they should be handled. All we can say that is this: where there is smoke, there is usually fire. The Democrats can ignore all of the smoke that is currently in the air for so long.


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