Video: Joe Biden! Can This Man Lead a Country?

Video: Joe Biden! Can This Man Lead a Country?

Joe Biden continues to stumble his way to the head of the pack of prospective Democratic nominees. He has managed to do so, in spite of numerous gaffes. His most recent interviews have been quite ridiculous and we are not sure how they are even real. If Joe Biden did not exist, we would have had to make him up.

There’s no way that a front runner for a presidential nomination could be this far gone mentally. This most recent interview is truly disconcerting, though. He could not maintain his train of thought for more than one sentence. Once he forgot what he was trying to say, he coughed into his hand.

As if that were not enough, he even reached out to touch his own face after the cough. What world is this man living in? His refusal to heed the warnings that have been given when it comes to COVID-19 is astounding. We would feel worse about it if we weren’t at least somewhat convinced that his short term memory was gone.

He was probably reminded of the virus the day before but you know how old folks are when it comes to retaining information. It is easy to see why he would have forgotten. He believes that the general election will still take place on November 3 but that is probably the least of his worries right now.

How could anyone in their right mind watch this clip and think that this man is fit to run a country? There is no way that anyone could believe that he is the best choice to become the next president. He cannot even make it through a simple televised interview without having to consult with his notes.

We just wish that the Democrats would let poor Uncle Joe go home and take a nap. He’s clearly past his political prime. Sadly, this party would rather continue to embarrass him on a daily basis than admit that they are backing the wrong candidate. This goes to show how little they think of Bernie Sanders.

Sanders is certainly no spring chicken and he is coming off a recent heart attack. On the other hand, he seems to be able to complete a full sentence when speaking in public. The bar has been lowered to the point where Sanders actually seems like a more viable candidate.

Biden is hoping to steal the election by encouraging secretaries of state to create virtual voting booths. This does not seem like the best idea but what more can you expect from a doddering old man like him? He is clearly not taking all of the potential hacking into account. This is the sort of idea that sounds good on paper but lacks in execution.

The Democrats are merely trying to use the virus as a means of fixing the election and everyone can see that. They want absentee ballot voting to increase, so that their advocacy groups are able to play a much bigger role in the upcoming election. Ballot harvesting is also another way to increase the chances of tampering but this is what the left wants.

They know that their chances of removing Donald Trump from office are remote. The coronavirus is being used to create a higher level of panic in the people, in hopes that the left is able to get what they want. It is sad to see a pandemic being treated as a political tool, especially when the front man for this gimmick is none other than Joe Biden.

The Democratic party has not been playing for some time now. That’s why it is rich to see them pretending to care all of a sudden. They have rigged their last two races to favor the candidate that they wanted. What’s going to stop them from rigging the general election and trying to win it in any way that they possibly can?

All that stands in their way now is Biden himself. While you can try your best to rig an election, you still need a candidate that does not scare the heck out of everyone. Even the most staunch leftists have to be watching these interviews and wondering what the heck is going on. This man cannot be trusted to complete a sentence, let alone a presidential term.

That’s why he is already sending out feelers about stepping down early. This campaign is not about Joe Biden’s willingness to lead the country, it is about Democrats’ desire to seize the highest office by any means necessary. In their minds, Biden is the “electable” candidate and they are going to continue to send him out there.


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