(Video) Making Sense of Biden Gibberish: “We Gotta, It’s Just, But, You Gotta, I Mean, The, We Gotta Reassure, Look, Here, My, My Message to Everybody I Talk to”

(Video) Making Sense of Biden Gibberish: “We Gotta, It’s Just, But, You Gotta, I Mean, The, We Gotta Reassure, Look, Here, My, My Message to Everybody I Talk to”

Another day, another Joe Biden video that we are struggling to make sense of. We are not sure why the Democrats zeroed in on him as the “electable” candidate but here we are. Clearly, they thought that the Barack Obama connection would be enough to overcome the issues he has when it comes to public speaking.

This latest video is an absolute doozy. Try as we might, we still cannot figure out what he was actually trying to say. We’ve watched the clip a few times and still cannot make sense of it. The man speaks fluent gibberish and we wish that someone would step in to offer a translation. Maybe we need to start putting on our subtitles when Biden speaks.

Usually, when Biden’s brain starts to short circuit, we have an idea of what he’s trying to say. In this instance, we could not begin to tell you. He’s got a message that he wants to send and he wants it to be reassuring. That’s about as far as we have gotten in this case. That’s not for a lack of trying, though. We would love to figure it out.

When we see clips like this one, it makes us wonder who is even benefit ting from this candidacy. It certainly isn’t Biden. He’s little more than a lamb who is being led to the slaughter at the moment. While there are some who believe that he can win the general election, they are few and far between. Sure, you could find polls that claim Biden has a chance but you can find a poll to suit any political opinion that you may have.

Any leftists who are reading at the moment are nodding grimly. They are already having flashbacks to the same polls that told them Hillary Clinton was surely going to become president. These are the same folks who spent 2016 telling themselves that Donald Trump was nothing to worry about. We all see how that one turned out for them.

One of the only people who gains anything from Biden running is his wife and the Democratic party themselves. They were going to lose this election regardless. It’s not like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren had a real chance of winning. They surveyed the landscape and assumed that Biden had a better opportunity than the self proclaimed socialist or the woman who lies about her supposed Native American heritage.

At the time, it seemed like a fair assumption to make. Biden could cash in on all of the Obama related cachet that he built up during his stint as vice president. Maybe he could even get Michelle Obama to run alongside him? These dreams seem so far fetched now. Biden boxed himself in when he told the world that he would be choosing an African-American woman as his running mate.

Clearly, he was hoping that he could talk Michelle into taking on the responsibility. She does not seem too interested. The Obama family is currently in the process of developing television shows for Netflix but Barack is still throwing his weight around behind the scenes. It is hard to see Biden winning the nomination if the Obama family wasn’t doing everything in their power to pull the strings.

It’s hard to remember now but there was once a time when Mayor Pete and Bernie Sanders seemed like viable candidates. Biden even finished fourth in one of the primaries. Then, everyone started mysteriously dropping out and pledging their support to Biden. Why, it’s almost like Barack contacted each of them and they’ve all admitted to it.

Biden sold all of the other candidates on his “elect-ability” and promised them cushy cabinet positions. These promises are not worth much when the candidate does not have a real shot at becoming president, though. We are sure that these other candidates wish that they had kept the pressure on Biden, instead of giving in to Barack’s demands.


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