Video: The Left Is Ramping up Violent Attacks Against GOP

Video: The Left Is Ramping up Violent Attacks Against GOP

The left likes to act as if the right is responsible for all of the violence in this country, don’t they? They are more than willing to ignore their own violence to prop up this silly narrative, too. This story provides a prime example of this principle in action. The GOP is now being victimized by the violent left on a more regular basis and we are tired of it.

Take this office in Milwaukee, for instance. What did any of these fine people do to deserve this sort of behavior? The vandals decided to throw paint all over the windows and as if that were not enough, they even wrote “Scum” on the door. How childish are these people? We wish that we had a real answer for that but the left is always willing to sink lower.

At this rate, they are going to step up their attacks even further. The people who work at this GOP office should not be afraid when they are on the job. Now, they are going to be looking over their shoulders on a constant basis. National liberal media is not willing to acknowledge this violence and that’s what makes this even harder to stomach.

They should be making all of the same noise that they would be making if the attack took place in reverse. Let this happen to a Democratic office and it would be front-page news. We would never hear the end of it and they would want the criminals to be be brought to justice as soon as possible.

This attack follows a similar pattern as the other attacks on Trump and his supporters. The left is so afraid of Trump winning again that they are willing to place themselves behind bars. This is the sort of behavior that needs to be questioned. The leftists of this country have been allowed to intimidate the right with violence for far too long.

They know that they must resort to these sorts of means to get their way. The left is staring a second Trump term in the face and they are already panicking. Since the election is still a number of months away, it makes us wonder how far they will push the violence if their chosen candidate does not win. They may not be able to control themselves.

Even if the Democrats are able to mount a decent push, they are still going to be mad. There are even some people out there who think that they are going to resort to violence if Bernie Sanders is not given the nomination. We would find left on left violence to be pretty funny but that’s a long ways off. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.

We are just kidding, of course. However, it is a sad state of affairs when the previous statement actually seems like a pretty plausible one. There is no telling how far they are going to push their insane rhetoric in the months to come. We sincerely hope that no one is hurt by their actions. It would be a real shame if we had to report something a bit more serious than some garden variety vandalism.

In our humble opinion, the only scum in this particular story are the people who decided to pay this office a late-night visit. They are a bunch of cowards and they never would have done something like this in the middle of the day. It just goes to show that they do not have the courage of their convictions. They skulk around under the cover of darkness, whining and breaking things like little children that are getting deprived of a favorite toy.

There is so much talk about Trump’s “rhetoric” and the crimes it supposedly inspires. Where is the talk about Democratic rhetoric? We have actual evidence that the left is resorting to violence and zero evidence of the same on the right. In a fair and just world, the media would give this scandal the same sort of attention that they would if it took place at a Democratic office.

This GOP office should invest in whatever equipment that they need to catch these criminals. Maybe a little bit of time in jail would teach them the proper lesson? We don’t ever want to wish jail on anyone but there is little else that can be done here. Otherwise, these sorts of crimes are going to continue to happen over and over again. That’s not an America that any of us should ever want to be living in.


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