Video: Washington Post Reporter Wants More Republicans Than Democrats to Die From Coronavirus

Video: Washington Post Reporter Wants More Republicans Than Democrats to Die From Coronavirus

Jennifer Rubin writes for the Washington Post and from the looks of it, she has lost her marbles. She was once a conservative but has decided to switch sides in the age of Trump. From the looks of it, she has lost her mind entirely. This hack decided to head to MSNBC and let her feelings about the coronavirus be known.

The claim that she made was an insane one and we can hardly believe that she said it. Rubin said that more Republicans are going to die of coronavirus than Democrats because of the right-wing media and Donald Trump. We are absolutely stunned that she views the situation in those terms.

How could anyone be willing to view a situation this serious in this manner? Jennifer might think that she is speaking truth to power but in reality, she is a crackpot. No one should be politicizing a global pandemic but that has not stopped the left from trying to do just that.

Their insane hot takes know no bounds, do they? In her mind, the virus is going to be able to differentiate between Republicans and Democrats. We are not sure that there is any sort of medical evidence to support that hypothesis but the leftists of this country do not care about facts.

They do not even care about their fellow man. It is okay for people on the right side to die because they do not share your point of view. This is the cold, callous outlook that the left has towards the rest of the world. No one’s life is valuable unless they have the same political beliefs as you.

Rubin thinks that the Republicans are at a greater level of risk because they have an older base. This is not a logical take but we’ll indulge her because we need a laugh. This nonsensical rambling is providing a much needed moment of levity during these very trying times.

She also thinks that the Democrats are going to be less likely to have mass gatherings. So far, there is very little to support this point of view either. If we are being honest, there have been failings on both sides of the aisles. Some Democrats are taking it very seriously and so are some of the Republicans.

Rubin can’t resist making grand, sweeping statements about these parties because she knows that is the only way that she is going to be able to get the attention that she desperately seeks. The Republicans are engaging in “short-sighted strategies” because Jennifer Rubin says so.

She doesn’t have much else to say. All she can do is criticize Trump and this is not doing anyone any good. This is not to say that he is above reproach. There are experts who have quibbles with his strategies. However, this is not the time to engage in this kind of petty squabbling. Even if he downplayed the threat, he does not control who the virus attacks.

The idea that he would have any control over such a thing is pure lunacy. We knew that it would not take long for the Democrats and leftists to hop all the way off the deep end here. Rubin’s audience was surely eating all of this up, though. She knows darn good and well that they do not care about facts. They just want someone to sit on television and talk down on Trump.

Meghan McCain was sure to comment on what she saw and we are inclined to agree with her. She thought that these comments were craven and ghoulish. Even when you stop to consider the source of these comments, we are still on her side here. Why should anyone be using the agony and pain that the nation is feeling to their benefit?

This is a time for the nation to put these petty concerns aside and come together. Both sides of the aisle need each other and there is no need to be wishing death on anyone. Trump has broken the brain of this hack and now the rest of us have to suffer through her psychotic dispatches as a result. The Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves.

These are the silly hacks that they employ and they allow them to spew any form of nonsense that comes into their heads. The hit pieces are bad enough but now they are on television openly wishing death upon those that they don’t agree with. Let someone on the right echo these sentiments in the opposite direction and watch the collective reaction change.


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