Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

There are some stories that make us wonder about the pure evil that lurks in the world. This sordid tale unfolded in Ocean City, Maryland, of all places. This quiet beach town has never seen such action. A video was uploaded that depicts a terrifying scene. A young white man was knocked out in the streets of Ocean City and stomped out by an angry mob.

The media referred to this beating as a simple brawl. Call us crazy but don’t brawls have multiple participants? This doesn’t look like a fight at all, it looks like a gang beating. The youngster was beaten in the streets and left to bleed out. We are not sure what this is solving but hopefully, these people feel better about themselves.

Mob rule has overwhelmed the rule of law and this is just the latest example of that. Even when the young man was clearly down the count, the mob kept right on beating him up. One person is even seen stomping on his lifeless body. The video is a violent one and we are issuing the necessary warnings to anyone who is a bit squeamish.

It’s a tough one to watch, no matter what side of the equation you are on. To be fair, these stories can have two sides. If another video comes out of the white man being responsible for the altercation, that’s a different story. Anyone who has spent any amount of time online know that this is not a shocking turn of events.

Everyone has watched a video like this one and had their opinions about it, only to find out that there was a piece of the story that was missing. We sure do hope that’s the case in this instance. Otherwise, it looks like violence for violence’s sake. We would love for this group to tell us what the objective was here.

Are videos like these supposed to advance the movement in any sort of meaningful way? This may seem rhetorical but we are getting tired of seeing them. It’s open season on all Americans and it’s time for Trump to step up to the plate. The silence on this beating is deafening. We would expect this type of behavior from the Obama administration, not a president who claims to be tough on crime.

In the meantime, nothing is going to be done on behalf of this man and we are praying for all of his loved ones. No one should ever have to see their friend or loved one laid out on the ground like this. We would not even wish it on our worst enemy. Now that Trump is taking aim at the Seattle protesters who have established an autonomous zone, it is time for him to do something about these protesters.

It is one thing when people are engaging in peaceful protests that are designed to bring attention to a specific cause. It is quite another when we are forced to watch people behave like they have lost all of their common sense. These are the same people who also want us to believe that we can get rid of the nation’s police forces without any bad ripple effects.

Violence begets violence. It is hard not to be worried about where are at and we are headed. America is a precarious place right now and unless people are willing to speak without becoming violent, nothing is ever going to get better. Stories like this one are becoming commonplace and there is very little that anyone can do as an individual.

Once group think takes over, that’s all she wrote. Anyone who watches this video and feels a certain way about it is going to be called a racist. Concepts like empathy and nuance are being thrown out the window, so that people can continue to stroke their own egos over and over again. Tread lightly, we suppose.


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