Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

There are some stories that make us wonder about the pure evil that lurks in the world. This sordid tale unfolded in Ocean City, Maryland, of all places. This quiet beach town has never seen such action. A video was uploaded that depicts a terrifying scene. A young white man was knocked out in the streets of Ocean City and stomped out by an angry mob.

The media referred to this beating as a simple brawl. Call us crazy but don’t brawls have multiple participants? This doesn’t look like a fight at all, it looks like a gang beating. The youngster was beaten in the streets and left to bleed out. We are not sure what this is solving but hopefully, these people feel better about themselves.

Mob rule has overwhelmed the rule of law and this is just the latest example of that. Even when the young man was clearly down the count, the mob kept right on beating him up. One person is even seen stomping on his lifeless body. The video is a violent one and we are issuing the necessary warnings to anyone who is a bit squeamish.

It’s a tough one to watch, no matter what side of the equation you are on. To be fair, these stories can have two sides. If another video comes out of the white man being responsible for the altercation, that’s a different story. Anyone who has spent any amount of time online know that this is not a shocking turn of events.

Everyone has watched a video like this one and had their opinions about it, only to find out that there was a piece of the story that was missing. We sure do hope that’s the case in this instance. Otherwise, it looks like violence for violence’s sake. We would love for this group to tell us what the objective was here.

Are videos like these supposed to advance the movement in any sort of meaningful way? This may seem rhetorical but we are getting tired of seeing them. It’s open season on all Americans and it’s time for Trump to step up to the plate. The silence on this beating is deafening. We would expect this type of behavior from the Obama administration, not a president who claims to be tough on crime.

In the meantime, nothing is going to be done on behalf of this man and we are praying for all of his loved ones. No one should ever have to see their friend or loved one laid out on the ground like this. We would not even wish it on our worst enemy. Now that Trump is taking aim at the Seattle protesters who have established an autonomous zone, it is time for him to do something about these protesters.

It is one thing when people are engaging in peaceful protests that are designed to bring attention to a specific cause. It is quite another when we are forced to watch people behave like they have lost all of their common sense. These are the same people who also want us to believe that we can get rid of the nation’s police forces without any bad ripple effects.

Violence begets violence. It is hard not to be worried about where are at and we are headed. America is a precarious place right now and unless people are willing to speak without becoming violent, nothing is ever going to get better. Stories like this one are becoming commonplace and there is very little that anyone can do as an individual.

Once group think takes over, that’s all she wrote. Anyone who watches this video and feels a certain way about it is going to be called a racist. Concepts like empathy and nuance are being thrown out the window, so that people can continue to stroke their own egos over and over again. Tread lightly, we suppose.


79 thoughts on “Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

  1. These punks are mighty brave when it’s 10 or 20 on one that’s not even fighting back. Usually what goes around comes around and these big, bad, gangbangers will get just what they deserve one day. They all claim to be protesting AGAINST violence, when what they are doing is many, many times WORSE than what they claim to be protesting against. All these punks are doing is showing their TRUE colors by committing arson, assault & battery, looting businesses and homes. I sure don’t condone what that idiot cop did to Mr. Floyd and he will pay dearly for it and rightfully so along with the other three. I sure don’t condone what happened to that man while he was jogging at the hands of another idiot and surly he will get the punishment he deserves. But what all of these people, and I don’t care what color they are, are doing to countless innocent business owners, homeowners, pedestrians, and people’s property is pure cold blooded criminal acts and I hope every single one of these “protesters” get what they deserve for the pain and suffering they have caused many innocent people. 10 or 20 on one sure shows much of a man they truly are doesn’t it! They’re going to keep on doing this violence and hatred to innocent people until vigilante justice starts happening. People living in fear for their lives is a recipe for dangerous results.

    1. trump needs to bring in the military and let them take care of those lying corrupt so called animals.since that’s the way they are acting and doing things I hope the freakin dems are happy with them.they think their shit don’t stink but you take those sorry asses out of their comfort zone and then see what happens cause people in the country don’t take that bullshit they will get what’s coming to them just like that stupid bitch in dc. until they screws up her house but oh well who gives a damn I surely dont

    2. What they’re doing has NOTHING to do with BLM. Actions like that diminish the message of what BLM is trying to convey and here is some TRUTH for everyone to think about, BLM is supported by HAMMAS a Terrorist Organization from the Middle East. ANTIFA has as well HAMMAS has infiltrated their ranks to start the violence and then they fade into the shadows to let the crowd carry out the violence they started. Then what was once peaceful turns violent and then BLM is blamed for the violence. People have already died as a result of the violence that HAMMAS hs initiated. How long are they going to let a Terrorist Organization PLAY THEM ?!?!?

      1. I think BLM has been infiltrated and taken over by paid activists and BLM is in fact not what it started out to be.

      2. BLM is a Radical Communist group. They have no message that I would give a damn, about. They are ignorant, Criminal Thugs, that need to be put down like rabid animals.

    3. The guy is unconscious and gets hit, then the guy steals his wallet. Real bunch of heroes. A bunch of worthless cowards.

    4. MOB?………..They are the terrorists that soon will be non-existent. ………..Thank GOD for the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of rights that tells WE THE RIGHT PEOPLE we are to rid the USA of all enemies whether foreign or domestic.

    5. your’re right as they never attack when by themselves.i went and got my concealed weapon permit 3 weeks ago and will carry anytime i go out! i live in florida and we don’t put up with that as we have a stand your ground law! tried to get more ammo but they were out.but it’s ok as i have plenty on hand!

    6. HERE’S A GOOD QUESTION …”I just watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd.
      I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Police Officer. I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Soldier.


      I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of (black and white) babies aborted EVERY DAY.

      I have never seen them kneel for a murdered white man or woman. I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of black-on-black murder victims.

      I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of elderly people that died in nursing homes due to the Corona Virus.

      I have to ask: WHY are Democrats putting the life of George Floyd as more valuable than the lives of everyone else?

      In fact, Democrats have put so much value on the life of George Floyd, they have allowed rioting, looting, arson, murder and mayhem in communities Nationwide…


      1. Your question is rhetorical. We know why those bags of garbage callled Democraps do what they do. They let the street scum throughout the Cities off their leashes, and this is the chaos, destruction, and brutal attacks on innocent people that they allowed to happen. One or more of their pets is going to end up getting shot for screwing with the wrong victim, and I personally couldn’t care less.

  2. These sub human mobs are going to bring the right radicals to the street and it will be their worst nightmare they ever had! These mobs need to be stopped now by the president of the United States or it will be to late!

  3. I call Bull sh*+ on never before in Ocean city….. I remember the sixties and the seventies Quite well, this type of Violence perpetrated by Roving Gangs of Blacks was quite prevalent in those days….and it has NOT lessened,
    the difference is now days, the press picks up the story and throws significant spin on it (Fake News)….and if someone is arrested, there will be 47 different stories about why this was proper and Correct…. and the gang was just defending themselves….. and it was all the presidents fault, in fact all 45 presidents….

    1. SO TRUE ! Is what is needed is for some of these folks being assaulted is to kill some of these punks & end the slapping of hands.
      It’s a damn shame folks have to be afraid to go out for fear of being attacked !! LOCK & LOAD time is coming.

      1. EXACTLY, and the CONSTITUTION clearly states that WE THE RIGHT PEOPLE have the right to get rid of all terrorists, whether foreign or domestic…………..

  4. We have an active duty Marine in our neighborhood that is an expert marks man that trains military, State and local police all over the country. Sooner or later one of these cowards are going to make the mistake of picking on some body like him.


    1. Take the money away from all the worthless Politicians, and pay Bounty Hunters to clean the streets of these animals.

  6. These deplorable cowards are the shit heap of society. They represent no one except their own ignorant selves. They are not white or black they are a mixed group of boys, acting like some group of brave heroes, when like mentioned, they are all punk losers who show bravado against one man who doesn’t even want to fight back. Disgusting and all should be identified and prosecuted to highest extent of the law; however, we know they won’t and it will continue to repeat itself over and over, until a large, more angry and more organized group, with more hate in their hearts beats them down. I sure hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it right now.

  7. If Trump and the DOJ doesn’t do
    something about the violence in AMERICA they have lost a voter that
    voted for him in 2016.

    1. This is the states problem genius. It shows you what democrat leadership is all about. For over sixty years the democrats have had their policies and leadership in place and have only made it worse.
      You can t blame the president for this. Wake up and see whats goin on.

    2. WOW……….Every State has the authority to stop the violence………..Whenever, our POTUS tries to establish a curb on violence, they are met with the usual DEMS that tells him its the Governors choice………..


  8. the government needs to defund the democrats and everyone that looks like them smells like them and acts like a bunch of jungle bunnies who has done not a damn thing for the American people except for themselves hell they are just using blm and antifa to get what they want and I am not for anything that piggylosi or any of those liars have to say.any time they open their mouth it’s nothing but lies lies and more lies and social you need to take your ugly ass and crawl under the rock you came out from under


    1. Animals do not behave like that! I hate it when you guys use animals to make negative comments. Animals don’t loot, cause riots or any shit like that. Say niggers! I am sick of how people are afraid to call it like it is, i love animals! I stand for their rights and you should see what that EVIL China is doing and they call it a festival. Between black lives matter, and the Yulin China festival of murdering dogs which one is horrific. They are both EVIL SCUM OF THE EARTH. PERIOD!!

      1. When those terrorists act like a wild savage black animal, then they can be treated as such……They also act as a visious gator that lies waiting in the dark to end a life…..Time to put those savages 6′ below the surface of the planet……..Better yet, give them a PET……..a nice 200lb. gator…..

  10. And I wonder what the teen said or did to incite the so called mob? There is no context/narrative about why he chose to write a check his ass couldn’t cash. People don’t beat up young punks like him for no reason

    1. Man are you in for a surprise—how about the guy that just hauled off and hit the ninetytwo year old woman in NY for no reason at all.

    2. doesn’t matter what he did even if he did there’s no reason for what happened, if that was the case I would beat someone up every day !!!!!!!

    3. Sorry James but terrorists are not “PEOPLE”……….They are the same as Antifa, Mafia, BLM that are the looters, burners, killers…………Those are the slime of the Earth and the same as serial killers.

    4. First, why would one teen start shit, alone, with a mob of blacks? I’m sure he had to say “something” that pissed them off. Take your pick, because everything pisses those Savages off. They’re born angry. Regardless of what anyone said, it doesn’t give anyone the right to attack, and violently assault another person, let alone in a mob, and especially when the kid is on the ground and unconscious. They seem to grow bigger balls when their victim is unconscious. So, if a Black mouths off to a couple of White guys, and they beat him with bats, is that okay? Why don’t you exercise your brain, and then answer the question?

  11. Where is the outcry from MSM? those ANIMALS need to be put down. Give them all a dose of lead and see how they like it. This behavior should be prosecuted to the fullest for what it is A HATE CRINE !!!!

  12. These negroes belong in Africa, let’s send them all back, they are animals. The officer that kneeled on Floyds neck was praying so why is he being punishing him. Sick of niggers, there low life beast.

    1. Ginny, even the GOOD BLACKS refer to those black terrorists with the “N” word……..Please do refer to those white terrorists as low IQ, and idocy nuts………

    2. Get your head on straight and grow up. Rocco is often an Italian name. The Italians use to be treated just the same. The Irish were, too. Not so much anymore. Your attitude is worse than the people you are dismissing.

  13. time for angry vigelanties to take back our country from all thugs, if your not with them they take you out! voilence is all they understand! thugs need to removed from our streets!

  14. Hang around animals? You deserve it.
    Try to convince people “you’re down with them”? You deserve it.
    Don’t fight back? You deserve it.

  15. The author of the story says that all we can do is tread lightly. I believe it is time to wear the heavy boots and carry the big stick. Treading lightly only seems to encourage the mob and it is time for truth to be spoken and if necessary for some heads to be broken. Jesus said, “a soft answer turneth away wrath” but when the soft answers did not work he sent destruction in many forms. If anyone wants to reason and have calm and peaceful conversations and discussions about the state of the country that should be the first line and should be encouraged. When those options have been rejected then we need to clean house of those who only want violence, especially so when someone is being ganged up on and needs folks to step in to prevent serious injury or death.

  16. This shows you what kind of animals most blacks are , it’s time for white America to start dishing out the same and then some!! I’m always packing, you never know when scum like these will attack, and I won’t hesitate to start shooting!!!

    1. Why are you saying “Blacks”. I am seeing as many or more white rioters than blacks at these events. If you really feel this way get your butt out there and stop them. I know why you don’t, and so does everyone else. Chicken.

  17. These people are just looking for excuses to do what they like to do. No excuse for brutal violence. Somebody needs to step in to these unnecessary brutality, regardless of who the person is. These protests were mean for justice not get even with whoever, worse than animal cruelty, have a heart. Just remember EVIL Deeds will have their rewards sooner or later no matter what. Learn to Respect and to get along, we ALL live in this world.

  18. I think it is time for America to grow a set of balls and fight for what is ares they are a disgrace to Martin Luther king one guy said take away there cash and food stamps maybe they will quit we are headed for a war in this country watch and see

  19. I am just wondering. Someone is making a video of this incident. After all the time, nobody CALLED the cops and no cops showed up to stop the violence. Anyone know why this continued and nothing stopped it? Just asking. Thank you.

  20. Well I certainly do blame BLM, especially since they are tied into the Hamas. Which means also AOC and that other thing are tied into Hamas along with the daughter and her organization Antifa.
    I guess it’s time to start strapping on our guns and carry them with us wherever we go regardless. They want the old west let’s give it to them!!
    Honestly, I thought people were better than this I thought we have gone into a stage of life what we didn’t have this kind of crap but apparently Satan is doing his job.

  21. Racist? A dark skinned mob burns, loots, maims, murders for a self-pitying cause and they call us racists?
    Really. Does the average stupid American need a dictionary? This brutal violence is the behavior of extreme criminals. Anyone who makes an excuse for this behavior is aiding and abetting criminals and should also pay a fine. The criminals should be punished.
    All federal payments to welfare must be stopped. If they need to eat, they can volunteer at food kitchens. If they need to hit, they can pound boards together and make something. If they need to burn, have them collect the trash left by bums and burn the trash in a metal container on a very hot day. They can clean up feces left by dogs and less than human beings. They can build small shelters for the homeless., They can move the shelters to fields and dig to create septic tanks. Maybe the idiots will then figure out that there is a better way to present their case.
    The root of the problem is the welfare system which imposes no responsibility, discourages accomplishment and encourages people to think that they should have what they want without working for it.

  22. Open season on gangbangers is coming very soon, and they will truly realize what it means to wake up a sleeping giant. Americans can no longer rely on their government to protect them, which means law enforcement will become the responsibility of the citizens themselves. Unless the insane pandering stops immediately and the elected officials step up to preserve the civilized society that elected them, America is dead and the anarchists will get their wish, except it will NOT end the way they think it will.

  23. Hopefully there are pictures of these attackers, and dna from the wounds of the young man. All should be prosecuted with attempted murder. Also, they believe in vandalism, destruction, and murder, so….their homes are empty if they are out looting, go to it people. Give them some of their own criminality.


  25. I always thought that hating someone for the color of their skin was what made you racist, so, what does that make all the ones who call all whites racist, yet hate them for the color of their skin? This just dosen’t make sense.

  26. OMG! Where’s all this sad racist talk coming from?! I think people need to turn to GOD and ask for help with all the negative thinking and crap that’s going on in the world right now. Plz turn to GOD and pray for each other. GOD is the answer…

  27. We have to remember what the so called Democrats stand for when we vote.They are terrorists as they said and abet criminal mobs destroying America,killing Americans and burning cities.The most Evil I have ever seen in this country.

  28. Wow, these punks are really brave. Kick the guy when he’s down. Get 20 or so misfits to beat the crap out of this poor guy and then laugh about it. How about the 92 year old White lady walking down the street with her walker and getting punched in the face by a Black youth walking in the opposite direction. Another “brave” piece of work. And this guy just walks away like nothing happened. How many more people have to be injured, shot and killed before the authorities finally do something. I see their problem. If the police intervene they are automatically called racists. The police become the pariahs. The military should come in and stop this nonsense. If you have to eradicate these “monsters” then that is what will have to happen. BLM and the other Leftist hate machines have to see first hand that there are consequences for their behavior. Just because they are Black does not give them permission to do these heinous things. I hate to say it but violence sometimes begets violence. Cordoning off 6 blocks in Seattle, keeping the police out, arming the Antifa members with AK47s is not seen as Law and Order. Right now, the Radical Left are literally dividing the country. Some of the African Americans hate the police force. Some of the African Americans hate the White race and it appears that the BLM/Antifa participants want to declare that their New Revolution will be the new “Master Race”. Personally, the military must come in and end this war. Get Antifa out and start fresh with all things. We do not need a race war or the second coming of the Civil War. Send in the Troops!

  29. any of those assholes come around my place because the government won’t use our military for what they are to be used for will end up 100 feet high of dead bodies burning on fire getting a free cremation. I will kill every last one of them. we as whites are the ones discriminated against. think about the very true facts. ! the government has a black history month 2. an african heritage month 3. an asian pacific month 4. an african american month 4. no white history month 5. no white heritage month. they don’t like the freedoms they have now in the US then put them on a boat back to Africa and sink it in the ocean after so far out in the ocean. Burning the US flag is disrespect to our past and present day Veterans and Military and our Country. if caught the should have their citizenship taken and killed or put on death row and the sentence carried out within 2 weeks so it saves our taxpayer money from supporting their asses and being wasted. Taking down all these statues that stand for our history is wrong. attacking religions over race is ridiculous. Trump and the Republicans need to use our Military and override the worthless lowlife crooks of democrats. Get rid of Pelosi and Mitch McConnell as well from office. They are crooks and terrorist themselves. There needs to be laws putting these newscasters in jail for life for twisting the truth into a bunch of lies which is a huge contributor to all this uprising and looting. Why don’t we put a few newscasters to death for turning the truth into lies. They are the ones that are the biggest Racist along with Jesse Jackson and these other black pretend they are righteous but are not when they are saying all blacks are good and all whites and the law is bad without knowing the facts. Like Jesse Jackson he is so scared he is hiding since the Obamas are no longer in the white house to protect him. They were discriminatory and racist as well. This is when all this shit started and know Trump and the Republicans have to fix something the worthless democrats started by fixing the votes so Obama would be President other wise he would not of gotten in the white house.

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