VP Harris Vows To Deliver Hurricane Ian Relief Based on Race

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com

Ever since arriving as the Vice President, Kamala Harris has been dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, though. She used the same card when campaigning against Joe Biden before he suddenly won the nod and asked her to campaign with him as his VP. Suddenly, she lost her race-based issues with Joe.

Now as second in command, she wants to re-use the card, and this time she has taken aim at the disaster areas in the southwestern corner of Florida. Never mind the fact that she has yet to see the devastation firsthand, or to even talk one-on-one with the people who went through it. A decision to racially charge how you are going to spend money that isn’t even approved yet is just wrong.

Yet, while speaking to actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum on Friday, Harris did just that.

“It is our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making… And so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity, understanding not everyone starts out at the same place.”

After a hurricane devastates an area, it’s not time to be playing the game for equity or racial justice. It’s time to help those who were impacted get back to where they were before. To get them back to their livelihood and allow them an opportunity to rebuild without having unnecessary things looming over their heads. This kind of racism should not be allowed or permitted by anyone in public office.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ rapid response director, Christina Pushaw wasted no time in correcting Harris’ mistakes. She let Floridians know that FEMA is there giving relief to hurricane victims regardless of race or situation. FEMA is there to ensure the people can and will rebuild. This was a welcome message to many Floridians because Harris was sending a dangerous message.

Her comments were uttered with such glee, it was like Harris was back in California sending black men to prison for drug charges all over again. This woman has been gloating over using the black card to either gain old scared white votes or to buy the people of color off. She has been playing the race card both ways for decades, and it still hasn’t caught up to her.

This message of telling white people that they are out of luck when it comes to federal funding because they want to take care of “communities of color” before anything else, likely could be the last straw for her, the White House, and the whole leftist movement. As much as they are trying to win votes in a midterm election year, Harris is doing a horrific job of showing it.

Harris should be commended for something, though. She has gone past the message that came with Katrina and gone full racist with Ian. She has successfully found a way to make the weather racist and not just the response from the federal government. Her ability to find and exploit this idea is the wrong message for the American people. It also raises the question of what would Harris be saying if this were a blizzard that wiped out a large swath of North Dakota, or if a hurricane wiped out Martha’s Vineyard.

Harris is somehow worse than Biden, and while one is an incompetent buffoon, the other is a racist snake in the grass. Together, they represent some of the worst America has to offer. Together with the squad, they are the condensed version of all that is wrong with American politics.