Wallowing Warren: Lies About Being Fired From Job for Being Pregnant

Wallowing Warren: Lies About Being Fired From Job for Being Pregnant

Elizabeth Warren is the only person that is a danger to herself. She has been trying for months to relate to certain groups of people without success. She has lied on many occasions about her upbringing and parts of her past. And now it seems that she is playing the pregnancy card with hopes of relating to women that have been mistreated in the workplace. Warren has declared that she was fired from a job when she became “visibly pregnant.”

Wacky Warren has many times made statements that left people wondering what she was saying or what she meant. At one time she said that she was Native American which was proved to be a lie. And now it is about a time she lost her job. She is claiming she lost her job just because she became pregnant. Which everyone knows does not happen in most companies because the business caters to them, so they come back.

Warren just does not want to admit that she got fired because she was a terrible employee. She got fired because she was not doing her job right. Her statement just does not make any sense. She said, “I loved it, I would probably still be doing it today but back in the day, before unions, the principal, by the time we got to the end of the first, I was visibly pregnant.” From this statement, everyone can see she is making it all up as she goes.

She claims that if she was part of a union she would not have been fired. As if the union is the answer to her problem of being a bad employee. If a worker does a good job, the boss would not have any problem if they became pregnant. He would want them around. Warren just was not teacher material. But in her eyes, she had to blame someone so like a good evil Democrat she blamed someone else for her problems. She blamed the principal for her being pregnant and losing her job.

She went on to say “And the principal did what principals did in those days:” She is acting like she is part of some weird universe where principals are sitting around just waiting to fire people. She had no idea what principals do let alone what she was supposed to do as an employee. She continued “they wished you luck, showed you the door and hired someone else for the job. And there went my dream.” Too bad the nation cannot show her the door now. Wacky Warren was a bad employee and the school district needed someone in place that could do the job better.

Her statement is also full of lies because in 2007 she was caught saying something completely different from what she spoke recently. She states the following recently, “Teaching special needs kids is a calling. But I finished out the year visibly pregnant and didn’t get invited back. Those were the days.” But in 2007 she said she left her job because she did not have requisite qualifications. That is a typical Democratic Response.

Tell one story and then years later tell a different version of it. Warren tried to take a job that she was not qualified for. Which tells everyone she lied on her application. And when she got into the job it was discovered that she could not do the job. Since she was not trained well from schooling she got mad and frustrated and left the job at the end of the year. The school never fired her she left on her own free will.

Warren’s life reads like a sad fictional story that a child made up. She had dreams of what she wanted to do with her life and found out it was hard, so she gave up. At some point, she wanted to try again but it was hard, so she gave up. This pattern is seen in her life over and over again. She didn’t want to be a stay at home mom, which is an extremely honorable job, she rather wanted to be out in the world doing things that she was not good at.


25 thoughts on “Wallowing Warren: Lies About Being Fired From Job for Being Pregnant

  1. Are You going to trust a LIAR like Elizabeth Warren to be the POTUS, with her hand on the NUKE button as Commander In Chief? I WON’T vote for anyone LIKE THAT! There is NO telling what someone like that is going to do while in office. Just look at THE LAST liar we had in office (“You can KEEP YOUR DOCTOR”, “You can KEEP your plan”, etc., etc., etc.). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  2. When Bill Clinton told us that he did not have sexual relations with that woman and after Monica’s dress with Willie’s semen on it proved otherwise he later gave his so called apology to a nationally televised audience. In this heart felt apology (Not) Billy Bob told us he was sorry he misled us. Think about this, his apology wasn’t about LYING to us, his apology was about MISLEADING us! What a play on words. Teepee Warren may have lied but to her and her colleagues, Democraps don’t LIE they MISLEAD!

  3. I’m definitely not a fan of Elizabeth Warren, but I was a teacher in the mid 1960’s. We also had teacher unions then. However, the rule of the Chicago public schools back then was that a mandatory maternity leave was taken by the first half of one’s pregnancy. When I became pregnant, my principal also told me when my last day of work would be, which was before Thanksgiving break, 1966. My son was born Feb. 25, 1967. Heaven forbid if our students would see us in a pregnant state!

  4. Warren has proven she will lie whenever it’s convenient. She lived her native Indian lie for years and allowed her college of employment to feature her in their year books as the first college professor of color. Her bio is peppered with lies. Some of these lies would seem so unnecessary.Were they for convenience or is she a compulsive liar and beyond help?

  5. Ya know, this is just so sad,, Bernie just had a heart attack, but he is still going to campaign, God Bless him, glad he made it, but he should really be off the trail, he is 78, now has 2 stents in his heart, would he even live through a Presidency…Then,,,You have Biden, caught in his lies, his pay to play and including his son in all of this corruption, and Karmela, where we all know how she made it -to where she is, we know that Beto is a felon, Brooker failed his city (Jersey City) and you have Warren coming to the top of the list, a serial liar, PROVEN to be a liar, and so what does she do, she lies some more, Come on folks, our leaders are supposed to be cream of the crop and this is what they have?

  6. I never thought that those dem libs could find another woman frumpier than Chil-LIAR-y, or one who could make up more BS stories either. But this one takes the cake. She comes off as an inanimate drone incapable of any kind of emotion.


  7. At least now we all know why she’s a big abortion supporter. She blames children for ruining her career. Too bad they haven’t ruined her political career. But wait! Is it possible she’s ruined her own life because she’s a worthless lying bag of crap?

  8. Elizabeth Warren is UNABLE TO TELL THE TRUTH!!! To date, she has LIED about TWO Things, that WE KNOW Of! She LIED about her HERITAGE, And NOW SHE HAS PROVEN to be a LIAR about her Teaching JOB! THIS WOMAN found what we is Truly good at! She’s an EXCELLENT LIAR!!! She found her Dream Job, when She discovered POLITICS! AMERICANS have been PAYING her to LIE, as LONG as she has been a SENATOR!!! I DON’T WANT A PROFESSED LIAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE! DO YOU?

  9. Warren has to be RELATED to schiff cause they BOTH do NOTHING but LIE LIE LIE!!!! Does ANY DEM know how to the tell TRUTH or even know what a TRUTHFUL statement is???

  10. What I find the most amazing about this article is that there was actually someone that was willing to get close enough to her to make her pregnant. Since the story of her being fired is in question, one where she was fired for being pregnant and the other where she quite because she was pregnant would indicate that there are two possibilities; 1, she is lying or 2, she was indeed fired in a parrallel dimension where she was an Native American Princess and was carrying the Chief’s child. The moto of the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists seems to be lie like crazy and if caught either lie some more or play the Race card, or which ever phobia card you have access to.

  11. Seems lying is habit forming forming for Lizzy Warren. Mmmmmmm. Does she know the difference between between a lie and the truth? Perhaps not. I wonder what other lies we’re expected to believe.

  12. Warren is just another know-nothing, do-nothing Democrat zealot who seems to have a long history of purposeful misstatements and lies about a variety of things she has done or said in her life. And she just continues, even with demonstrable truths to the contrary of her claims.

  13. She did pass the bar, become a law professor and a United States Senator. How good a job she has done in any of the above mentioned activities is a question for others to answer.

  14. Well – NOT the first time or the last time – Anything to get the votes…….Another scam by these pinko socialists to shut up those assisting the dems prosecution and cover ups….Did you KNow schiff is tied to epstein – ukraine and others….just like pelosi who has a ukrainian agent on her staff. schumer tied to mexican money among others….They’re all in the tank and trying to cover up and discredit others for their crimes……

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