Warren’s Campaign Desperation Means She’ll Take Contributions From Anyone, Even Defense Contractors

Warren’s Campaign Desperation Means She’ll Take Contributions From Anyone, Even Defense Contractors

Elizabeth Warren’s desperation to win is becoming apparent. She feels that she can be the female that Capitol Hill needs. She’s not an idiot. She knows that she needs money to get the win, which means she’ll take contributions from anyone who wants to fuel her campaign.

Raytheon, a defense contractor, has been cozy with Warren for many years. Prior to the launch of her campaign, she was getting plenty of contributions from them. Since her campaign has been going, though, she’s changed her tune about Raytheon – and she has quite an aggressive stance toward them. Does that mean that she’s going to return the contributions, which totals $1750? Well, there’s crickets on Warren’s end.

Pamela Wickham, the VP of Communications with Raytheon, has been contributing towards Warren’s campaign since the start of the year according to Federal Election Commission records. The total is $1750.

With Warren being very vocal about swearing off contributions from industries that don’t align with her campaign policies, it’s questionable as to whether she actually wants to give up the money received from Raytheon. In January, Warren pledged to refuse contributions from executives who work in the fossil fuel industry.

Raytheon clearly doesn’t align with the campaign policies that Warren has spoken so openly about. With Warren talking about refusing contributions in January and the FEC identifying that Wickham donated in January, it seems that Warren is going to take the money but not talk about it. The desperation is getting thick but she doesn’t want people to see it.

Multiple reporters have called the Warren campaign headquarters to find out if she’s going to follow the standard by returning the contributions made from the defense industry.

The problem is that she’s flip-flopped too much, something that Dems are famous for. Throughout her Senate run in 2012, he was all about building bridges with Raytheon. Since they were the largest employer in her home state of Massachusetts, it only made sense that she’d want to make nice with them. An aide has said that she had a “good, in-depth” chat with the CEO of the defense contractor.

Warren has been quite busy with securing defense funding for Massachusetts, where she served as a member of the Armed Services Committee. She secured $138.5 million for state defense projects. As far as other defense contractors go, they’ve all spoken highly of the Senator, though this was prior to her presidential run. Many don’t feel as though she’s an adversary.

Raytheon has even identified that they have a positive working relationship with her. That seems a little improbable considering that she’s set her sights on them throughout her presidential campaign.

Warren has been very aggressive, including talking to Defense Secretary Mark Esper about his ties with Raytheon. She has ethical concerns about his ties, yet she’s allowed to accept money from them to fuel her presidential campaign. The entire country should have ethical concerns about what Warren plans to do, especially since she hasn’t answered the question about giving back the money or not.

Warren, who likes to call out Trump for using Twitter too much, raised most of her concerns about Esper on, wait for it, Twitter. She tweeted on several occasions, including talking about a meeting where she asked him to extend his recusal. She’s said that she’s “troubled” by his unwillingness to address his conflicts of interest. Well, voters are “troubled” by Warren’s unwillingness to talk about where her campaign funds are coming from. Why is it okay for her to accept funds from Raytheon but it’s not okay for Esper to have a relationship with them? Oh, wait, she’s a Dem. The standard rules of fair play don’t apply to Democrats, or so they would like the world to believe.

Warren, like most Dems, also likes sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She’s spoken out about Raytheon’s proposed merger with United Technologies. According to her campaign, it would stifle innovation and competition and create corporate capture of the Pentagon. That’s not always the case with mergers and acquisitions. They’re not the only defense contractor either – General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin certainly shouldn’t be left out of the equation.

It comes down to Warren not liking how cozy all of the defense contractors are with the Pentagon. Maybe it comes down to the fact that only one of those contractors actually gave her money. And with the fact that she hasn’t given the money back, it seems like she’s only making a fuss when the cameras are turned her way.



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