Watch: Biden Confirms He Backs Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

During the Democratic debate on Sunday, Joe Biden said a lot of outlandish things and that was to be expected. This is just who he is now. His cognitive decline is getting harder and harder to ignore. We personally enjoyed the moment when he claimed that Bernie Sanders had nine super PACs.

Bernie asked him if he could name them and of course, Biden could not. That is not the only moment that made us laugh, though. He spoke out about his healthcare plan and said that taxpayers would be required to fund abortions. He only made this claim in response to some facts that were presented by Bernie.

Biden claimed to be on the pro-choice side but in reality? His voting record shows otherwise. The Hyde Amendment is designed to prevent the taxpayer from funding abortions and Biden routinely votes in favor of it. So why would he feel compelled to lie like this? It’s not like he is struggling in the polls or anything.

All of the experts who have been monitoring the situation seem to agree. He’s got Sanders beaten unless he has a major screw up in the next few months. Unfortunately for Biden, that is not out of the question. He seems to trip up every time that he speaks in public. His dementia has advanced to the point where people are taking bets on what his next gaffe will be.

Now that there are no sports to occupy anyone, they are actually gambling on these debates. We wonder if anyone had money on him backtracking on his abortion stance. Sanders called him out for supporting the aforementioned amendment and Biden folded like a cheap lawn chair. Is that the man that the Democrats are choosing to run the country?

We hope that they are willing to think twice about what they are doing. Sanders has his flaws like any candidate but he is the same person that he has always been. Meanwhile, Biden does not seem to have any guiding principles. He just goes in whatever direction that the wind blows and we wonder how no one is able to see through him yet.

Biden claims that everyone who voted for the amendment essentially had to because it was “locked in” on other bills that they needed to vote on. This sounds like a pretty convenient excuse to us but who are we to question Joe Biden? We have already seen what happens to people who call him into question. Who wants to get cursed out in public?

All jokes aside, Biden’s claims that he was trying to help women who could not afford sound nice on paper but they do not square with any aspect of his voting history. The Democrats decided that they were going to respond to Bernie tilting the party to the left by getting behind the first candidate who could restore the moderate point of view that they are known for.

When you are moderate, you end up appealing to no one, though. Pro-lifers are not going to be impressed by Biden’s waffling, that is for certain. Meanwhile, the pro-choice crowd is also going to view what he is saying as a half measure. It is hard to believe that this is the very best that the Democratic part could do.

Biden rose to the top over dozens of other candidates, all of whom are probably more qualified and also not going through the early stages of dementia. The geezers have taken over the party and they are currently watching these two old men duke it out. They deserve the defeat that is going to be coming their way in November. Trump is definitely not afraid of these two.

The Democrats are somehow worsening their reputation with these types of talks. Instead of being known as the party that tries their best to help American citizens of all kinds, they are now going to be known as the party that sanctions the murder of babies. All it took was one debate with Bernie Sanders for Joe Biden to completely forget where he stood on the matter. That is a scary thought.

What else will Biden waffle on just to get a vote? Biden recently got saddled with a grandchild that his son clearly did not want. Maybe this is the motivation for his sudden about face but we cannot be sure. It definitely bears mentioning, though. The timing is somewhat suspicious after his years of voting in a certain direction and we’re not the only ones who have noticed.


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