Watch: Biden Thinks Half of Americans Were Killed by Gun Violence

Watch: Biden Thinks Half of Americans Were Killed by Gun Violence

Watching Joe Biden’s slow and steady descent into senility has been sad to watch, in a lot of respects. He used to be one of the few Democrats that spoke somewhat sensibly but as he loses his grip on reality, things only get worse and worse. We’ve gotten to the point where it is impossible to predict what will fly out of his mouth next.

We had a good chuckle at the apartheid lie that he attempted to tell the other day. According to Biden, he was “arrested” by authorities in South Africa when he attempted to visit Nelson Mandela. It is clear to see that he is not going to stop the lying anytime soon. Wait until you see the whopper that he decided to unveil at the latest Democratic debate.

The sad thing is that Biden probably did better in this debate than he has in any other recent debates. That goes to show just how low the bar has fallen for him. However, it is tough to ignore how badly he is slipping. There were multiple moments where he did not appear to be lucid. He seemed to forget what he was saying a lot of the time as well.

The worst moment of all took place when Biden decided to tell the world that nearly half of the American population had been killed because of gun violence. According to Biden’s faulty numbers, 150 million Americans have been laid to rest because of gun violence in recent years. How on Earth could you make a mistake this ridiculous, Joe?

Uncle Joe’s mind is definitely slipping away from him and perhaps it is best for this old codger to take a seat now before things get any worse. He clearly thought that he would have an easy road to becoming the Democratic nominee. When you can’t beat a self-proclaimed socialist, the mayor of South Bend and a deranged billionaire who can barely walk and chew gum, it is time to reassess things.

The former vice president also claims that he is the only person to have ever passed meaningful gun legislation. Hey, if you’re going to go ahead and lie like this, you need to go big or go home. That is clearly the motto that Uncle Joe lives by. He is going to fake it until he makes it. He needs to drop out already before he has a chance to embarrass himself any further.

He went on to claim that Bernie Sanders is working to exempt the gun manufacturers from all liability. He called it “carnage” and even threatened the NRA. It’s like this man does not know when to quit. Someone should probably tell Joe that he is actually threatening good and decent Americans. We don’t know if he’ll even get the message, though.

It’s like the lights are on and no one is home. He’s just saying things at this point and we wish that he would fact check this nonsense before spewing it to the general public. Hopefully, no one is dumb enough to believe him on any of this. No one actually called him out on the idiocy during the actual debate. We are not sure why that would be the case.


Maybe the party has collectively decided that he is no longer a threat of any kind and to be frank, that would make a certain level of sense. We doubt that Bernie Sanders is losing any sleep over the threat that Joe Biden poses to his candidacy. The party is also known for telling all kinds of lies when it comes to guns so maybe they were standing in solidarity with him.

Who knows at this point? All we know is that this party has been providing us with no shortage of amusement for some time now. Biden will say whatever he has to about guns. Can you remember when he was all about the shotgun? He used to claim that all you needed was a shotgun and it would only take a couple of blasts to scare off any and all enemies that you may have.

Biden’s mistake may have been a somewhat honest one. When we went to check on his ludicrous stat, we found that roughly 1.5 million Americans have succumbed to gun violence since 2007. Apparently, Biden must have moved a decimal point and added a zero before quoting the number. The fact that this is not his only recent gaffe suggests that he is probably not fit to hold elected office, though.


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