Watch: CBS Hack Hijacks Trump Press Briefing and Humiliates Herself

Watch: CBS Hack Hijacks Trump Press Briefing and Humiliates Herself

The White House press corps has been spending most of their time at the coronavirus briefings attacking President Trump and they seem to hit a new low every day. None of these reporters actually care about telling the truth. All they want to do is spend these pressers looking for opportunities to attack the president.

Paula Reid is the latest hack to try and take a shot at President Trump during these briefings. This CBS News reporter is completely out of control. Her attacks were uncalled for and we are not sure what she thought she was going to gain by interrupting him.

As for Trump himself, he had no problem calling out Reid and her network. He says that the people are wise to her and pointed to the declining approval rating of the mainstream media as evidence. It is hard to ignore these sorts of raw numbers. If it were up to us, security would have escorted her from the premises immediately.

This is not reporting. Reid simply wants to have her own personal “gotcha” moment and does not care about presenting the necessary information to the American public. None of these reporters do. We are not sure why they even bother showing up to these briefings. Their mentalities are not conducive to the current situation at all.

At a time like this, America needs to remain united. This is the sort of situation that none of us have ever experienced for ourselves. While the SARS outbreak offered us a glimpse into a world where our actions are controlled by an outbreak that is beyond our control, this is the first time that American society has been affected to this extent.

Everyone wants to know when they are going to be able to return to normalcy and reporters like these cannot offer any useful information. Since they are not in the business of actually breaking news, all they can do is behave in a combative manner towards the president. They are sure to get the clicks and shares from the hateful left that way.

The divide between the left and the right is widening by the day because of these actions. Instead of realizing that we are a more powerful country when everyone comes together, liberal reporters would rather push us further apart. In many instances, they end up defending people and places that do not need the assistance.

Reporters who defend China do not realize the gravity of their mistakes. Since the Chinese view Trump as an enemy and the Democrats feel similarly, the leftists believe that they are in the same boat. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The left has been siding with China and the other communist countries of the world for some time now.

They have some misguided notion that the enemy of Trump is actually their friend. As for CBS News and other outlets that share their viewpoints, these pressers are turning into a sideshow that allows them to showcase their ignorance. They are wasting all sorts of time and energy that should be sent on other pursuits.

That’s why so many of us have tuned out from these questions. While the briefings are important, they should not be turned into an ongoing battle between the left and right. That’s just what the leftist media wants, though. They do not care about facts or valuable information.

In fact, many of them would sell their souls just to see Trump suffer. We are getting tired of watching so called news outlets throwing their credibility out the window for the sake of a hot take. President Trump is not the sort of leader who will sit idly by and allow these attacks to take place.

He is much different from past Republican presidents in that way. While a president like Reagan or Bush Sr. would have done their best to remain above the fray, Trump seems to relish putting these reporters in their place. There are no real consequences for taking shots at him during these conferences and that has created an environment where the reporters feel emboldened to say whatever they want.

President Trump cannot start yanking press credentials or he will be accused of stomping out the right to free speech. All he can do in the meantime is continue to defend himself. If anyone has a problem with that, they are simply not watching the briefings and do not have a clue as to what he is being forced to deal with each day.


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