Watch: CNBC Anchor Loses It Over CNBC Host Reporting the Truth About Trump

Watch: CNBC Anchor Loses It Over CNBC Host Reporting the Truth About Trump

This clip is one for the ages and there are a number of reasons for that. For starters, these two men are actually co-anchors for the same network. It’s not everyday that you see co-anchors going after each other like this. We have seen plenty of Democrat vs. Republican battles before but this is something totally different. Anchors are technically supposed to serve as moderators.

If guests argue with each other, that is one thing. In a perfect world, anchors respect one another and keep their arguments at a civil tone. When anchors disagree, they must always remember that they are part of the same team. They are members of the same enterprise and there’s no need to get into a serious debate.

We’ve never seen anchors swinging at each other on the air, either. This clop is an arresting one for reasons that go well beyond fisticuffs. Joe Kernen launches an attack against Andrew Ross Sorkin that is too comprehensive to put into words. Anyone who ever wanted to see Sorkin get put into his place is definitely going to want to watch this one a few times.

The point that they are arguing is also sure to grab attention. They are not arguing over some sort of picky political point that no sane person would ever actually care about. They are tussling over Sorkin’s approach to the coronavirus crisis. Kernen believes that Sorkin is too much of an alarmist, dragging him for his fatalistic approach.

We just need to know if Kernen had this speech prepared or if he fired all this off without any prep time. It’s entirely possible that his level of rage for Sorkin finally bubbled over in this moment. The other funny part of this dispute? Their physical appearance.

No one is trying to insult either man from a looks standpoint. It’s just hilarious to see which of them is on Trump’s side and which of them is not. It’s like someone got both of them out of Central Casting. Kernen looks exactly like the MAGA dads that we see roaming the golf courses (when they are open, of course).

Sorkin looks like all of the liberal blowhards that think their viewpoint is the only one that matters. All you’d have to do is see one screenshot and it would be obvious which one was which. It probably won’t shock you in the least to learn that Sorkin has been writing for The New York Times for some time now.

Arguments like these are sure to draw in the viewers because they serve as a microcosm for what the nation is going through. There are lots of smug liberals like Sorkin who think that they can tell the MAGA crowd what to think and feel. There are plenty of people like Kernen who would like to see the nation reopened. They believe that everyone is being too paranoid about what is taking place.

Hopefully, disputes like this one shine a light on the mistakes that we are making in our own lives. It is easy to get caught up in the fun of dunking on people who do not share our opinions about the current crisis. Everyone is bound to have their own opinion on what has happened and what should be done going forward.

The best thing that any of us can do is take a closer look at the clip and release how insane it looks when we act like this. This is not a time for petty arguments, it is time to come together and make the right choices for ourselves. The future of the United States is at stake.

We do not need to end up in some sort of silly Civil War with one another in the meantime. These two anchors may want to take some time away from the camera. It could be good for their mental health and the viewers are sure to appreciate it.


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