Watch! College Admission Scandal: Olivia Jade’s Fake Student Profile Released

Watch! College Admission Scandal: Olivia Jade’s Fake Student Profile Released

Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin have been at the center of the Operation Varsity Blues college admission scandal for a couple months now. They are also of the belief that the prosecutors in this case have been engaging in misconduct. They are arguing for their innocence and allege that the prosecutors are operating in violation of discovery rules.

Now, these prosecutors are striking back against Giannulli and Loughlin’s claims. Olivia Jade’s fake student profile has been released, calling their case into question. The prosecutors may even decide to call the young woman to the stand. The release of the two page document is indicative of the level of chicanery that this couple thought they could get away with.

Olivia Jade’s Student Profile makes all sorts of bold and audacious claims, all of which fall apart under any sort of scrutiny. The profile claims that she is highly accomplished in crew, winning a number of competitions. Of course, Olivia Jade competed in absolutely none of these competitions.

Prosecutors have reason to believe that someone within the school’s athletic department was responsible for falsifying these documents. Fraud, bribery and money laundering conspiracy charges were filed against Loughlin and Giannulli. They are pleading not guilty, claiming that the prosecutors are responsible for the concealment of exculpatory evidence.

For their part, they are claiming that the payments made for these false documents were going to be used for legal purposes. You’re not going to believe this but the prosecutors are not happy with these accusations. With evidence that is this strong, they are not thrilled with the idea that they are somehow at fault for what is taking place here.

The court filings show that they are ready to take a rather indignant tone about the whole scandal. The government is not going to withhold evidence in a case of this nature and the accusation is rather silly. These parents should be lining up to take their medicine but they would rather pass the buck and avoid blame instead.

The government has even provided witness interview reports to FBI-302 for in camera review. This should prove their case with ease and force this couple to stop the antics. Criminal conduct has taken place here and government violations have absolutely nothing to do with this. It’s a nice try from two desperate parents whose backs are up against the wall and little more.

By taking the time to attach the falsified student profile to the document, the prosecutors are sending a very clear message. Loughlin and Giannulli are the liars here, not them. If this couple is looking to play this case out in public, the prosecutors are prepared to do just that. From the looks of it, this strategy is not going to play out in the manner that they had hoped.

If you would like to see the full filing, Business Insider has access to the document. For their part, the couple’s defense attorneys are asking for complete access to all FBI interviews that pertain to the case. The Department of Justice is not about to provide something that they are not entitled to, though.

Is there a possibility that these prosecutors are lying? Of course, there is. They are claiming that the 302s that are relevant to this case have already been provided to the court and that there is nothing of value in any of the others. This could be a misdirection, for sure. The ball is in the defense’s court now, however.

The defense cannot simply claim that there have been discovery violations. These violations have to be proven and the burden of proof is sky high in this particular instance. Let’s say that the court is asked to find these violations. When the court is sent on a wild goose chase and comes up with nothing, this is only going to hurt the defense in the future.

They will take a rather dim view of any additional requests that are going to be made by the defense, which makes this gambit a rather risky one. The student profile shows that some form of fraud was taking place. What kind of innocent explanation would be available in this instance?

It is hard to see how this case will end well for this couple. In our humble opinion, they should have put down the shovel and stopped digging a while ago. What were they thinking here? The simplest explanation is the one that is usually correct. Unless there is some sort of 11th hour miracle, this case should have been settled well before it had the chance to play out in the court of public opinion.


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