Watch: Dem Debate Turns Into Shouting Match

Watch: Dem Debate Turns Into Shouting Match

The Charleston, South Carolina debate promised to provide a number of hilarious moments for the rest of us. It is hilarious to watch the left have public meltdowns. In that sense, this debate did not disappoint at all. We are not sure how the left feels about this but they will get over it.

In the meantime, everyone else gets to enjoy amazing theater. This is one of the most hysterical campaigns in recent history. The party is beyond desperate to beat Trump but all they can do is fight among themselves. It did not take long for the debate to descend into the sort of chaos that we all would have expected from the very beginning.

The candidates were not there to have a civilized debate, they were there to scream at each other and reiterate the same old tired talking points. They all want to take trillions of dollars from the American people and spend it in any way that they see fit. Instead of coming up with real things to argue about, they fought over how the imaginary money would be spent.

That does not seem very productive but then again, it is very entertaining to those of us who do not have any skin in the game. Since no one honestly believes that Trump is going to lose to any of these jokers in November, we are just going to sit back and enjoy the show in the meantime.

That’s all we can do. We just want to know where the moderators were when all of this was going on. Aren’t they supposed to be stepping in at times like these, so that they can keep the peace? Senator Klobuchar decided that she was going to call out Bernie Sanders. From there, Sanders started yelling back.

It did not take long before Tom Steyer elected to enter the fray. Bernie Sanders’ lung capacity is impressive, to be honest. He was able to continue screaming over everyone and the debate became the sort of spectacle that the Democrats would have preferred to avoid. This is what happens when you empower the wrong candidates. You end up with a sideshow, as opposed to a debate.

Finally, a moderator was able to get everyone to quiet down. What a ridiculous party. They are truly carrying on like children and we cannot believe that they have descended into self-parody this quickly. This is a true disaster and the worst part of all is that it is just beginning.

We have several more months of this ahead of us. If this is how they are acting now, we hate to think of how ugly the Democratic National Convention will be. There actually might be violence between the candidates at this event. What is going to happen when someone has finally had enough of being screamed at like this? Everyone has a breaking point.

These debate meltdowns only prove one point and it is a hard one to refute: no Democratic candidate needs to be the president. They can barely speak among themselves without it descending into madness. How are they supposed to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans? They act like spoiled babies who yell when they cannot have their way but everyone else is crazy for thinking that the party needs a reality check.

If there was ever a party that needed to have an adult in the room, it is this one. Say what you will about the Republicans but they do not allow their public events to become this chaotic. The jokes are already starting to fly and we cannot contain ourselves. Of course, there are those who were willing to crown Trump as the winner of this debate.

He must be watching these debates and laughing his head off. These are the people who think that they are going to be able to defeat him in the election. Unless there is some other candidate that we are not aware of, we are not sure how this is going to turn out for them. They are essentially scuffling among themselves to decide who the main loser is going to be.

Debates are not supposed to significantly alter public opinion about each candidate. Typically, they are only going to reinforce the opinions that you already have. That was definitely the case here. No one is going to think better of any of these candidates now. They are merely proving what we already believed to be true: none of them are fit to run this country.


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