Watch Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO, Fight Back Against Liberal Media Attacks

Watch Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO, Fight Back Against Liberal Media Attacks

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is striking back against the liberal media. For starters, he has instructed his factories to start cranking out masks. 50,000 masks are going to be produced by Friday, as Americans look to mitigate the spread of the virus. Mr. Lindell was called to the lectern by President Trump on Monday and the media had a field day.

While they should have been emphasizing the wonderful gesture that has made, they were too busy harping on the inherent absurdity of the moment. Yes, there are jokes to be made about the MyPillow CEO being called up to the podium during a presidential press conference. It’s not something that you are going to see every day.

Unfortunately, the liberal media was too busy trying their best to make this out to be some sort of failing. If President Trump had not taken steps to increase the production of face masks, he would have been criticized for that as well. As for Lindell, he had various other messages to provide.

He wanted Americans to know that they could turn to their Bibles in times of crisis. We always have the ability to talk to God during these moments and Lindell wanted to make sure that this message was received. Even if you are not a particularly religious person, there is no reason to find fault with his messaging.

The liberal media snakes never miss out on a chance to attack the religious right. Those who do not have a relationship with God should never criticize those who do. If the situation is reversed, those who do not believe never want to be called out for it. Their personal beliefs are not to be questioned and they are the first to cry foul if they are taken to task.

The hypocrisy is out of control. The media gets far too triggered when they are forced to confront other people’s beliefs. The same liberals who cry all day long when they are told about their beliefs are the first to try and start trouble with others. Lindell’s commentary was harmless and there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to lean on their relationship with God when times are tough.

When Lindell visited Lou Dobbs the following day, he took aim at these media pinheads. He heard about the attacks and wanted his detractors to know that he was fully aware of their antics. Lindell went on to say that he used to question whether the liberal media was truly evil. Now, he has gotten his answer and it is a sad one.

Jim Acosta was sitting a mere ten feet away from Lindell when the address was being offered. Instead of offering his commentary directly, he waited until he was out of earshot. It’s funny how the liberal media has all of the guts until they have to say it to someone’s face. We are not the only ones who have noticed this, either.

How could they be so callous? It’s like the Trump administration cannot win. When Trump takes the crisis seriously and enlists our nation’s CEOs to assist us with the production of crucial products, people find fault with the message that is being provided. Meanwhile, those who are always criticizing the current president are going to find something else to whine about today.

Mike Lindell’s commentary on the evil media did make us chuckle, though. What can be said in their defense if a good, decent, God-fearing man has already found fault with them? While we do not know the MyPillow CEO on a personal level, he seems like a great person. He is trying his best to keep America away from a worst-case scenario.

That is more than the liberal media is trying to do, that is for sure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with turning to the power of prayer during moments of crisis. All prayers are welcome right now and we are tired of the liberals acting like there is something wrong with the inherent concept of talking to God. This nation was founded on the principles that the Bible established.

All of a sudden, these principles are not good enough for those who think that they are too smart to believe in God. They are in for a rude awakening going forward. The haters have been unmasked and those of us who are walking a more righteous path need to keep our heads on a swivel. Misinformation is at an all-time high and we must all ask the necessary questions if we are going to remain safe.


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